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Aztec and Mayan Empire

No description

Bob Moodle

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Aztec and Mayan Empire

Mayan and Aztec Empire Created by Shane Oh The basic ideas of Aztec and Mayan Empire The Aztecs Rulers Aztec Life Technology Culture The first ruler: Acamapichtli
a.k.a. 'Handful of Arrows' Sports & Games tlachtli patolli Food Chocolate Maize Language: N'ahuatl Music Often Religious rattles, whistles, trumpets, flutes, copper bells, and shells Calendar Consists of 18 months
and 20 days (in each month) And also the extra five more days which was believed to give bad luck The Mayans Famous for predicting the 2012 doomsday Religion
Had multiple gods went on pilgrimages Itzamn was the ruler god Language Had more than 30 languages ex) chorti Food Tortilla So what's the difference? This video covers up pretty much about it Differences Cultural Beliefs
Scientific Advances The aztecs were less likely to sacrifice a human being to god than the Mayans The mayans were good observers (stars, celestial objects) However, the Aztecs were very war-like Maya: City states
Aztec: One and unique ruler & presented by Shane OH, Kirill KURKOV, and Ivan STOGNIY What else? The period Maya: 5th century B.C. to 16th century A.D. Aztec: 14th to 16th century A.D. Land Maya: Covers 5 present-day nations Aztec: Central America (Mexico) Capital City Aztec: Technotitlan Maya: Many City-States Language Maya: Complete writing system Aztec: Pictographic Writing Mathematics Maya: 20-base system: 1 shown as a dot and 5 shown as a line; had zeros and concept of positional notation Aztec: 20-base system: rather simpler. Calendar Maya: 365-day Calendar Aztec: 360-day Calendar
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