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anna wilson

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of TR2 ANNA WILSON

Anna Wilson
IDT 7078
April 6, 2013 Thinkingn Routine #2 PERSONAL LEARNING
Many of the PLN I have either used before or heard of.
I am a big fan of Pintrest, Facebook, and Youtube.
Through this class, I have become more familiar with Google+, Diigo, and Linkedin.
Pintrest and Youtube have been valuable tools for finding fun, engaging, educational material for teaching.
PLN are becoming a very important tool with the increase in technology in the classroom. PLN are valuable to teachers, students, administration, and parents.
There are so many PLN available with so much information. This class only touches on a couple and leaves the exploring up to us. CONNECT Google+ has allowed me to see the benefits of PLC. It has shown a different side of social media and the benefits it creates with education. It also allows for the creation of communities and offers privacy.
Diigo is similar to Pintrest. It allows you to bookmark important articles, websites, and blogs. You can easily search the bookmarks by key words or a bookmark folder.
PLN should not be used by just educators. Incorporating the PLN into student activities will increase technology in the classroom.
EXTEND Google+ challenges me on a daily basis. What are communities? Did I post on my wall, a community wall, a discussion board, or where did it go!?! What's the difference between circles, friends, and hanging out? All these questions will eventually be answered when I become more familiar with the PLN.
Diigo is a very interesting website. I understand it for the most part. Using the keywords makes the bookmarking a lot easier. I think as my educational career continues, I will use that PLN more.
Twitter is similar to Facebook, in my opinion. I like the idea that twitter is trying to do, but I do not see myself using it as a PLN.
PLN are very beneficial. I think that they are only as useful as a person makes it. I will challenge myself to use Google+, Diigo, and Pinterest as more of a PLN than just a social media tool. CHALLENGE Diigo- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diigo

Google+- http://learningedtech.wordpress.com/2011/07/01/google-plus-and-education/

Twitter- http://edudemic.com/2011/09/twitter-in-education/

PLC- Professional Learning Community
PLN-Professional Learning Network Alphabet Soup Benefits of PLN
Idea sharing
Professional Development
Constructive Criticism
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