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Games and Genre


Britta Pollmuller

on 24 March 2017

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Transcript of Games and Genre

Games and Genre
Interactive Fiction
Graphic Adventure
Action Adventure
Role-Playing Games
Alternate Reality Games
Fighting Games
Sport Games
Vehicle Games
Rhythm Games
Real-Time Strategy Games
Military Turn Based Strategy Games
World Turn-Based Strategy Games
Puzzle Games
Board Games
The birth of genre: 'ZEITGEIST'

How do game genre develop?

Is it enough for a single original game to appear for there to be yet another new genre?
How do we recognize games that we are using (consciously or unconsciously) while participating in game culture?

Can you pick a digital game that you consider to have started a new genre?

Give a short description of it and give your reason attributing it as the first in a particular game genre.

Pay particular attention to the way you define the genre in question: is it defined functionally through its interaction style, or with references to a specific theme or iconography, through its unique difference from other genre, or simply with reference to marketing and/or fan discourse (the text on the back of the box, for example or references at websites)?
What is a puzzle? - a game, toy, or problem designed to test knowledge.
"those who solve this puzzle in the shortest time are eligible for awards"

Create a Race-to-the-end board game inspired by today's newpaper!
Post your finished prototype on your website.


A game is fun

Is a form of play
Invent the overall rules, goal, and format
Capture the players interest with an attractive goal.
Teach rules in a seamless way, giving feedback during play
What distinguishes this game from any other game or toy?
Be creative - Don't limit yourself to games you have seen.
It can be as varied and expressive as songs, movies, or stories.

Let's Make a Game!!!
Survival Horror
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