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Catering- wedding model

No description

Tanisara Kanawattanakul

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Catering- wedding model

A Dream Wedding Ceremony to celebrate a wedding ceremony for a wedding couple who wants to step out from the old school traditional wedding ceremony. Objective Decorate the place with 2 main colors , white and pink. To represent the sweet memories and the romantic moments of the wedding couple. Theme Place Type of Guests the guests that be invited is variety. There are family that contain with both children and elder people.There are also people in a working age who is a friend of the wedding couple. they are both men and women. At Praya Palazzo. A two storeys mansion at Chao Praya river side in a Colonial style where the romantic atmosphere is all around. Number of guests 40-50 approximately. Dress Code Classy casual in pink or white. Style of Party We create this party to be a buffet style because in this party has a different age and gender. Since children that come with their parents to the elder people, so it'd be much more easier for them to have a meal in buffet style rather than in a cocktail style that the children maybe messing up and inconvenience for the elder. Time Schedule 06:00 Off from the office 07:00 On site and start
preparing the place. 13:00 Start food preparing,
cooking 17:00 Party start 21:00 Party ending , clear
a field Manager Front Captain Chef Front Back Back Host Reception Server Server Server Security To protect all the belongings
and guest's safety, we hire a security guard. And for food safety, our chefs are experienced in a five stars hotel before. Other Equipment Wedding Invitation Card Wedding Table Menu Name Tag Wedding Cake Reference Pictures Music Stir fried shrimp with salty chilli Roast squid Fried fish maw with egg Fried mackerel with shrimp paste sauce Fried rice with shrimp Stir-fried vegetables Breads Fruits 8 Dishes 3 Drinks Soft drink Fruit punch Menu Mineral water
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