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Finally by Wendy Mass

No description

Hannah Lewis

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Finally by Wendy Mass

By Wendy Mass The genre of this book is Realistic Fiction Genre Rory Swenson- A friendly 12 year old girl that has a very exciting personality and loves helping others.
Annebelle-Rory's best friend who likes to be herself and also has a very energetic and positive personality.
Jake Harrison-A famous actor that tries to make everybody around him feel a little bit better.
Madison Waters-A famous actress that loves having the spot light on her at every secound.
Sawyer Swenson-Rory's little brother who is a very energetic little boy that is always up and moving. Characters This is a great book about a girl named Rory. She has been waiting her whole life to turn 12 and now it has finally happened. She can now do everything that she couldn't before like drinking coffee, wearing make up, getting a phone,getting a pet, and much much more. Rory goes through a long journey in this book about how to become a mature girl but she goesn't realize that there will be a price to pay and you don't always get what you wish for. Overview About the Author I think this book is a fantastic choice for all girls that are around the age of 12. It is a good book for people that want a Realistic Fiction book with some humor and surprises along the way. I think that lots of girls her age can realate to some of her stories and could learn from some of the mistakes that she made. I think that all girls should read it because as soon as I started to read it I COULD NOT put it down. My Opinion 296 pages in the book Pages Wendy Mass is a well known author. She has written a large varity of books like 11 Birthdays, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall,and 13 Gifts. All of these books are writen mainly for young readers but some are enjoyed by adults also. Prezi By Hannah Lewis
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