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Module I: Presentations and explanations.

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Alexandra Gutiérrez

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Module I: Presentations and explanations.

Module I

Presentations and explanations Mediation An Effective Presentation Instructions Explanations and instructions
Choose a topic (free option) and prepare your presentation using one of the procedures shown before Let's Practice! From input to intake Effects Examples we need to mediate so the material presented becomes more accessible. this is not only the exhibition of a target item, but it also includes the comprehensible input that is being given, the explanations, instructions and discussions. Considering the limited time and resources ESL teachers have , we need to manage to get as much as possible of our input to become intake at first encounter.
Hence the necessity for presenting in a way our students can perceive and understand what we are teaching. Attention



Short-term memory 1. Reading words The teacher based this presentation on students' own choice of vocabulary.
There are intellectual and emotional associations with vocabulary = Motivation and ability. 2. Learning a dialogue Students have to learn the dialogue by heart for further practice
Fails to engage students' intellectual or emotional faculties in any way. 3. Acussations Improvised activity by a resourceful teacher, who exploits a specific real-time event to teach a language function. 4. Dramatic soliloquy It is recalled from the point of view of the student, and it was obviously successful in attracting students' attention. the directions that are given to introduce a learning task which entail some measure of independent student activity. Guidelines on effective instructions 1. Prepare

2. Make sure you have the class's full attention

3. Present the information more than once

4. Be brief

5. Illustrate with examples

6. Get feedback Julio Cortázar. Cronopios and famas
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