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nisha alexander

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of cambodia

urbanization and climate Urban population Climate Climate in Phnom Penh Other languages Theravada Buddhism Most popular language Main religion Reincarnation Marriage How Cambodians dress Cambodians believe in reincarnation,
Depending on people's behavior in their present life will say how their reincarnation life will be.
good or bad? More and more children focus on their beliefs then they do in school. Some use it as an excuse. Cambodian party dresses are much like american dresses, but when it comes to traditional Cambodian dresses they're very different. Girls focus more on their looks then school but for guys looks aren't that big of a deal. For men there is a traditional clothing for good occasions. Usually marriage in Cambodia is arranged by the parents.
The man tells his parents who he is attracted to and the parents seek to find that girl. Neither women or man is forced to get married to that particular person but it is tradition for the parents to pick the man or women.
The groom gives money to the parents of the bride to get a dress or pay for the wedding. Theravada Buddhism is the main religion in Cambodia, about 95% of Cambodians are Buddhist. However over the years Muslim and Christianity have been getting more popular as people look for something more. Reincarnation is one big thing Buddhist believe in, you are continually reborn, depending on your past life. A merit is the most important thing in a Buddhist life. People earn merits by giving money, goods, and labor to the temples. Little boys can earn merits by being temple servants or novice merits. Religion is so much mor important to the families there then school. So kids focus on it more. There are many languages spoken in Cambodia, but the most common one is Khmer. About 12,300,000 people speak Khmer. Kids in schools mostly speak Khmer and teachers teach the Khmer alphabet more then any other language these days. Around 8 million people all around Asia and the U.S. also speak Khmer. It is an Universal language. Even though Khmer is the main language there is also 22 other languages. Next to Khmer Cham,Western is the second most spoken language. About 290,000 Cambodians speak this language. The other languages not many people speak it. The urban population in Cambodia is 20% of the total population. The rate of urbanization is 3.2% annual rate of change. In the Monsoon Season (May to November) it's tropical and rainy. Through the Dry Season (December through April) it has little season temperature variation. Sometimes when it's rainy and hard to walk in kids don't go to school because it's to far and there is very little transportation in Cambodia. The Climate in Cambodia is also tropical but its also hot year round. In Phnom Penh there are three seasons. First one is from November to January the cool season. Second one is February through May the hot season. Third one is from June through October the rainy season. Education Lack of education is the reason that Cambodia has poor infrastructure and why students in Cambodia won't have a good future if they don't do anything about it. The people of Cambodia needs to work together to focus more on the education of kids to better their infrastructure and help teach their kids to live a better life. Party dress Traditional dress Wedding dress Traditional men clothing Culture Religion &
language This is the alphabet in Khmer Cambodia's population in the largest city percent of urban population. Cambodia's king Cambodia is a Constitutional Monarchy. Their present king is His Majesty Norodom Sihamoni the son of Norodom Sihanouk. The government spending in Cambodia is way to high. They don't spend enough for schools around the country and for new updated textbooks. Population The population of Cambodia is 14,305,183. The population growth rate is 1.687%. The birth rate is 25.17 and the death rate is 7.97. Life expectancy is 63.04 years and total fertility rate is 2.78. Cambodian tree
of life Future look of Cambodia
The future of Cambodia doesn't look very good. The less education Cambodia has the worse the infrastructure of the country is. It's also hard to find a very good and educated man to lead Cambodia. Right now Cambodia is pretty poor on a lot of things because of the years of civil wars and conflict. Some solutions are to encourage kids to go to school more. Most kids don't go to school because teachers don't care about it they just need the money to make a living. They also need to get new textbooks and keep everything updated. One big reason kids don't go to school is because it's too far. The government needs to care more about kids education and build more schools around the country. Food Cambodian's have a lot of varieties of desserts. One is a banana cake. There is also sticky rice and other tasty desserts. They actually serve this dessert in their schools Work Cited http://traveltilyoudrop.blogspot.com/2012/01/one-week-in-cambodia.html
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