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My Lysistrata Concept

No description

Natasha Dockerill

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of My Lysistrata Concept

All Saint's Lewes
I have set my Lysistrata in the second World war this links to the War idea in the Greek play. The play will be set in the country side outside London in a small village hall.
How i will deal with all the nudity i would make it as classy and sophisticate as possible, so i went along with the idea of burlesque and shadows, so you don't really see any nudity either abit of skin or sexually shadows.
Production Style and Contemporary Theatre Practice
The production style and contemporary theatre practice is Brecht because i want to break the 4th wall and the characters talking to the audience and also a little hint of Naturalism with Stanislavski in the scenes to make them more fun and so the audience can relate to the characters.
By Natasha Dockerill
My Lysistrata Concept
The place where i have set my show is in the All Saints in Lewes, this is because it gives a town hall feel which is what i want i want. All because then i can have my show as Promenade and have the audience walk round into the different rooms and be consumed in the piece
I have set mine a Promenade. I want the colours of the set to be sexually and feminine such like red's, pinks an purple. Also feminine related materials like silk and satin. I want my characters to enter through the audience because it can create atmosphere
Female group

My female chorus is the WI
who always turn up and make the audience laugh.
Male Group
the female costumes are going to be WW2. land army girls, pin up, and pinnies and hair rollers.
My male group is going to be the home guard like 'Dads Army'
Male costumes would be soldier uniforms as well as suits for higher statues
The lighting i want for my piece sepia which gives and vintage picture feel. When striping going on flood light behind sheet to create shadows
Sound scape of airplanes flying over, burlesque music as well as old fashioned songs.
Not many props, table with a tea set for women's oath. Old camp bed, Burlesques fans.
Set near the end of WW2 the women stop having sex with men until men allowed women to keep the jobs they did through out the war.
Lysistrata -
head of the village
Calonice -
land army girl
flirty 'nurse'
leader of wI, loud mouth
Mens leader-
head of home guard
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