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I Pray I Wish I Dream

No description

Anthony Englert

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of I Pray I Wish I Dream

"'I remember it all. It's my life, too, now. You, and me, we share the same past.'" (Nolan, 281). This quote shows family in the book because it shows how Chana and Hilary are now family because of how Chana shared her past with Hilary, so they both went through the same experience, so they are now connected forever as a family. It shows how family is not just being related in by genetics, but also Sarah Mejia
Doug Truong
Taina Gonzalez
Anthony Englert I Pray, I Wish, I Dream Family "Bubbe grabbed my hand and closed her eyes.
'Just hold on Channa. Please hold on." (Nolan 269). This quote shows the theme of family in the book because of how Chana and Bubbe are both supporting each other and relying on each other, the only two family members left, in order to survive. Love "My father is ill' I said. 'He has a heart condition
please let him down. I'll do his work for him. What is it you want him to do?...I would work until the job was done. Then Tata and I could leave together.." (Nolan, 17)

Chana shows her love for her father. She was trying to stop the Nazi's from hurting her father and she was willing to work till her arms could no longer bear, to let her father survive. And unlike Chana's relationship, the only person Hilary loves is Brad. Who refused to go inside the hospital she was in just because it was Jewish. Family Family Love Love Cruelty Cruelty Cruelty Prejudice Prejudice Prejudice "'You work with her, you clumsy Jew!' The officer spit." (Nolan, 13). This quote shows prejudice because of how it shows a Nazi officer assuming that the Jew that was helping Anita was clumsy, which she did not express at all. "'Actually, she probably joined up with her little gang of hate mongers just to get my attention.'" (Nolan, 56). This quote shows how Hilary's Mother is prejudice against the neo-nazi group she is in because she is assuming that they are all hate monsters, plus she is just assuming that Hilary joined it to get her attention. "So, they stuffed him in on of the big orange lockers... even if we are on spring break" (Nolan, 13) This expresses the cruelty towards others because Hilary can easily fight against this neglect, but she openly accepts the Aryan Warriors prejudice cruelty. She is a bystander. "...examining the elderly and the sick who had tried to hide. Then they were dragging these... people off" (Nolan, 187) This quote demonstrates acts of cruelty to others because of the Nazi's, giving no mercy even to the elderly and the sick, abused these people and sent them off to their death at a concentration camp. "Hilary, think. Is he in a hole or in a locker?... The gym locker! Simon is there" (Nolan, 287) "Nah, you're just like all the others. Can't talk to someone like me, someone from my side of the tracks. You think you're better than me? You're nothing! Nothing! Hey, don't look at me lady." (Nolan, 2). This is an example of prejudice because of how Hilary is just assuming that this old lady in her head is like everyone else, without knowing her, and using it as a major insult to the old lady. During the unfolding of the events in Chana's life, Hilary's idea of jewish people drastically changed, and so has her actions towards them, and everybody has as well. In the beginning of the book Hilary consciously let Simon suffer in that locker, but in the end, Hilary told the police and saved Simon's life. She was no longer a cruel bystander. "'But then she kept wearing white. She wore it until she was 15. Until she met that awful Brad boy.'" (Nolan, 57). This shows how family is a major theme in the book because of how Hilary, was so devoted to her father, showing the bond she had with him in their family, she wore white until she met someone who she felt welcomed her as a new family. A presentation about the book, If Should I Die Before I Wake "With God on our Side" by Bob Dylan "I stumbled forward, reaching out or my bubbe, and fell at last into her waiting arms. We sat on the floor rocking and holding on to one another, talking, laughing, and crying." (Nolan, 172) "I promise.'
'And you. You stayed with.'
'Yes, baby I'm here. Things are going to get better. I promise, things will get better." (Nolan, 288) All it took through the whole experience was to finally let
herself become closer to her mother, in order everything to be okay. After sharing a mind with a holocaust survivor, Hilary finally learned to let the anger o away to allow herself to feel love. And care for the people around her, especially Simon. A lot of the love in the book, is expressed in being happy for seeing a family member again. Which is what is shown above. Bubbe is the only person Chana has left, and being able to see her, even through the cold bars of the cell, is more than she could have asked for.
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