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The Sydney Opera House

Expert Project! Everything about The sydney Opera House! :D

Sydney Dickson

on 28 May 2011

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Transcript of The Sydney Opera House

Opera! Opera is a magnificent way that people express art! Although not everyone can sing opera it is still a wonderful, fun profession! Architecture! The Sydney Opera House is made up of magnificent, unusual, fun looking sail like seilings. Made up of more than one million glazed white granite tiles. Jorn Utzon, the mastermind behind it all... The Grand Organ
Differnt halls of the house
Desingned for opera Opera! The Sydney Opera House History! Performances! The Concert hall! *Difficulties in the building prosess -Time cunsuming
-Cost worthy Queen Elizabeth the 2nd oppening the sydney opera house on october 20th 1973 Singing and performing opera The Idea... Starting of construction... Fun facts! ' The first people that were to perform at the sydney Opera House was the Sydney Symphony Orchestra The sydney opera house
provides tours for over
200,000 people a year The sydney opera house has
2194 sectons on the roofs
that weigh over
15 tons per section! Thats 32,860tons all togeter By Sydney Dickson
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