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Wuthering Heights Narration Map

No description

Nurperi Yigit

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Wuthering Heights Narration Map

Wuthering Heights Narration Map
Nurperi, Eli, Dimitri
"Chronology" of Events: How Does Brontë Organize the Events of the Narrative?
Catherine marries Edgar
Heathcliff returns
Hindley is born
Ellen is born
Mr. Earnshaw dies
Hindley returns to WH
with Frances

Cathy meets Hareton
Isabella dies
Linton to Thrushcross
then WH
Catherine dies and gives
birth to little Cathy

Heathcliff marries Isabella
Linton is born
Hindley dies
Cathy marries Hareton
Lockwood goes
to London
Heathcliff dies
Lockwood returns
to Thrushcross Grange
Edgar dies
Linton dies
first visits WH
Cathy meets
and Linton
Catherine stays
at Thrushcross Grange
Catherine returns
to WH
Heathcliff runs
Mr. and Mrs.
Linton die
Hareton born
Frances dies
Hindley is sent
to college
Edgar Linton
is born
is born
Catherine is born
Isabella is born
Mrs. Earnshaw
Mr. Earnshaw
brings Heathcliff
to Wuthering
Chapter 1 and 2:
Lockwood is narrating through first person narration.
Primes the Reader to dislike Heathcliff.
Foreshadows the outcome of Nelly's future Narration.

Chapter 3:
Cathy narrates through her Diary and Lockwood has a dream. (Foreshadows her fate).
Chapter 4-7:
Nelly starts telling her story. Lockwood writes it down in his journal.
Due to her narration, story is partially inaccurate and biased--she adds drama and emotion.

End of chapter 7, Nelly takes a break from her story and reader is brought back to 1801.
Chapter 8-9:
Nelly Continues her story. Lockwood writes it all in his journal.
Once again, as the story is reported through the eyes of a single character, (who uses outside sources and letters to fill in the parts where she was not present) the story is partial.
Chapter 10-10.5:
Story is continued through Lockwood's narration.
Chapter 11-15:
Nelly Continues her story.

Chapter 13:
Nelly uses a letter from Isebella to fill in the gaps of the story where she was not actually present.
Chapter 16-30:
Nelly continues telling her story to Lockwood.
During the story, Mrs. Dean uses the information Zillah had told her to fill in the gaps for the events at Wuthering Heights.

Chapter 25:
Slight break in Nelly's story and the reader is momentarily brought back to 1801.
Chapter 31-32.5:
Lockwood narrates the events

Chapter 32.5 - 33:
Nelly Narrates the end of the story and Lockwood writes it down in his diary.
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