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Symbolism in American Beauty

No description

ashley clark

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Symbolism in American Beauty

Symbolism in American Beauty -Directed by Sam Mendes
-It won 5 Oscars
- the lead characters are Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacy) and Carolyn Burnham (Annette Bening) quick facts Symbolism Roses are first introduced by Carolyn.
They symbolize Carolyn's need for control
and perfection. Roses Roses are constantly shown throughout
the film. eg dinner table, the living room,
on Carolyn's top and even on Janes clothes
to show Carolyns control over Jane. Rose Petals The rose petals symbolize lust, sex, passion and freedom. Angela who is the focus of Lesters fantasies and she is always shown in rose petals in these fantasies. Angela is the classic beauty
tall, blonde, skinny and
beautiful. Lester is constantly shown behind bars.
eg through his computer and through the window panes when he is looking outside. Behind bars
This symbolizes that Lester is trapped in his own home and his own life.
The colour red is symbolic in different ways to each character. Red Red symbolizes Carolyn cutting of the roses life source and also that of her families. it also symbolizes the passion that still exists in her life. We see this through her wearing red lipstick and wearing a read under gown as she cleans the house. Red symbolizes Lester's lust for Angela.This is shown by the red rose petals is his shown in in his fantasies eg the bathtub. red also symbolizes Lester's
rebellion eg buying a bright
red 1970s Pontiac fire bird. There is a small red heart
shaped oven mitt that
hangs on the wall by a nail
the symbolizes that Mrs
Fitts soul is just hanging on. Red to Ricky symbolizes
beauty.when he finds lester
dead in a pool of blood he sees
that Lester dies with a smile and
he finds that beautiful. The colours red white and blue are frequently shown throughout the whole film.
Colours These are the colours of the American flag.
they also symbolize that the
Burnham family are living the
'American Dream' Take a look at this photo.
what do you see? Now look at this photo
what do you see? One last photo
what do you see?
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