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Umbrella, Inc. (sunscreen mist)

No description

Ryan Cabrillos

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of Umbrella, Inc. (sunscreen mist)

Umbrella, Inc.
1. Brief Background
2. Description of Product
3. Industry Analysis
4. Market Analysis
5. SWOT Analysis
6. Market Strategy
7. Financial Analysis
8. Conclusion

Brief Background
Industry Analysis
Sunscreen Mist
Owns patent to technology
Only company in the world that provides this service
8 years of research
"Find comfort with us"
Thank You!
$1.3 billion
Annual Growth
4.2% annually
Structure & Size
3 Biggest Companies
1. Johnson & Johnson
2. Energizer Holdings, Inc.
3. Merck & Co., Inc.
Industry Growth
Product Segmentation
Market Analysis
Market Size
3.25% of the personal product industry
37,705 population
8.4 million visitors annually
Huntington Beach
189,707 population
16 million visitors
Santa Monica
91,812 population
8.8 million visitors
Competitive Landscape
Sunscreen Industry
Companies are competing with diversified strategies
Market Segmentation
Market Trends
critical reports by environmental research organizations
Buyer Behavior

rising infatuation with sun bathing
Buyer Segmentation
Concerned Consumers
Sun Avoiders
Conscientious Sun Lovers

Careless Tanners
Naive Beauty Conscious
research linking sun exposure to skin cancer
Low involvement product
increased FDA regulations
rising consumer buying power
Swot Analysis
Easy and fast – 10 seconds
Ability to pause machine and rotate when in use
Accepts: cash/coin/card
Owner sets their own price
Easily accessible
No immediate competition

Low maintenance
Exclusivity of locations
FDA approved
Tanning lotion options
Over 1,000 sprays per gallon
High ROI

One person at a time in the booth
High initial investments of $31,975
$50k annually for exclusivity
Small SPF options
Potentially a seasonal product
No protection when not attended
No protection from sun

Location – virtually anywhere sunny
Price – can set your own
Other SPF options
Solar powered

• Consumers still purchase normally applied sunscreen
• Poor weather
• City/company approval to rent space

Marketing Strategy
Target Market
Anybody that is in the sun for long periods of time
People that forget to bring sunscreen
Southern California

Two different SPFs, 15 and 30. As well as tan enhancer, or cooling aloe.
Accept coin, cash, and credit cards.
Very quiet and is able to get rid of all liquids remaining once done via drain.
Non-slip visual floor guide to show you where to stand within the booth.
Five second delay after you choose which option you would like.
Rinse button on the booth prior to each individual use.

Major beaches
Major theme parks
Advertisments (word of mouth, FB, Instagram, Twitter, guerrilla marketing)
The booth itself

Exclusive Distributorship
12 machines annually or license fee ($50k)
MSRP = $13,980
Exclusive Distributorship = $6,990
Dual Station:
MSRP = $16,980
Exclusive Distributorship = $8,490
MSRP = $31,975
Exclusive Distributorship = $12,790
Financial Analysis
Return on Assets
Current Ratio
Asset Turnover
Return on Investment

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