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Outdoor Heaven

No description

Nick Frechou

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Outdoor Heaven

Personal Selling Topics -Sales Techniques
-New Hire Qualifications
-Staff and Management Training
-Employee Evaluations
-Production Goals and Incentives New Hire Qualifications STORE MANAGER POSITION -Bachelors Degree
-2 years of prior management experience
-Has proven their ability to set and meet Short and long term goals
-Customer oriented and personable New Hire Qualifications SECTIONAL MANAGER POSITION -Must show expertise in a given store area
-AA Degree
-Minimum 1 year experience in that given store section
-Has shown significant leadership qualities while working at Outdoor Heaven New Hire Qualifications SALES FLOOR/CASHIER/INVENTORY STOCK -High school diploma
-Displays ability to engage customers
-1+ years prior work experience Staff And Management Training -All 123 Store managers will meet annually in the centrally located Kansas City Marriott Hotel
-Food, hotel, flight, conference room, training materials, guest speaker, and gift basket will be provided for each manager
-Total budget for 2 years of management training $370,390 Employee Evaluations -Each new employee will receive a monthly performance review for the first 4 months of employment
-After this introductory period the review will be placed at the end of each quarter
-These quarterly evaluations are of high importance because each employee will have the opportunity to have their salary adjusted or to be promoted if they meet the qualifications that have been put forth Production Goals And Incentives -Production incentives are met by meeting short and long term goals which are set for each store by corporate headquarters
-These incentives include gift cards, bonuses, and a company trip to Jamaica for store managers if all goals are met
-If all 123 stores produce the results needed to obtain the production bonuses corporate headquarters will need $1,845,000 to compensate the employees Promotion Methods: SWEEPSTAKES
NATIONAL COMPETITIONS Outdoor Heaven Specializing in outdoor sports equipment:
Hunting, camping, fishing, boating, etc.
$75 million budget to use throughout a two-year period
Market share decrease from 17%-14%
How do we get back the 3 points and gain more? Outdoor Heaven MKTG 132 Jeff Nelson Nick Frechou Robert Jones Demographics & Psychographics •Ages 25-65
•Generation: Baby Boomers
•Generation: Generation X
•Gender: Both Genders
•Race: All Races
•Education Level: College Graduates to some College
•Income Level: $35,000 and higher •Those who enjoy the outdoors
•Those who are active and in-shape
•Individuals and/or families that live healthy lifestyles
•Individuals and/or families that seek adventures
•Individuals and/or families that enjoy action sports
•Individuals and/or families that prefer high-end products over price Central Theme & IBP Strategy “The mind travels to many places, let Outdoor Heaven help take you there-wherever it may be!” Winners sent to Miami, FL / Long Beach, CA
Purchase over $200 required
123 total winners (1 winner / store)
2 winners will participate in actual event Red Bull Flugtag Using the four promotional techniques, we will capture a larger target audience that will restore Outdoor Heaven back to 17% market share.
Want customers to view our products as superior
Bear Grylls will do a book signing at Outdoor Heaven
This will bring a great deal of attention to us
$23,425 Advertising Our goal is to create advertisements that will appeal to all geographical locations across the U.S. Magazine & Newspaper advertisements
Television advertising
Social Media
Billboards Magazine & Newspapers Located in Salt Lake City, Utah
Fun / Competitive bicycle race
Customers who purchase new bike from Outdoor Heaven will be entered to win
Winners will also be given official Outdoor heaven jerseys Tour of Utah Magazines:
Long shelf-life and pass along readership
Unique full page advertisements you can't get with newspapers
Sports Illustrated
Outdoor Life
Men's & Women's Health
National Geographic Outdoor Learning Programs Located in area surround each store
Builds relationships with local youth and families
Increases interest in the outdoors / wilderness
Provides jobs for locals and improves image within community Newspapers We want to target the older demographics with newspaper ads
Run ads in both national and local newspapers
USA Today
Los Angeles Times
Wall Street Journal
Local news ex: Fresno Bee Trip to Heaven Competition Competition for best viral video promoting Outdoor Heaven
Top 5 most viewed videos win
Winners receive free booking for Virgin Galactic
Will receive media attention as well as consumer created viral marketing Public Relations Purpose and Goals "A strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics"
Aim to create a positive image of its brand by using the media as a vehicle for promotion and publicity
Has seven times the credibility of advertising, studies show
Lets the world know the positives things you are doing TV Advertising According to Nielsen: FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS are currently the most watched networks on television.
Also place ads in: A&E, Discovery, and ESPN.
Main reason for placing ads on A&E is the show "Duck Dynasty"
Held A&E's record for highest watched episode in history= 6.5 million viewers. Media Relations Press releases, featured articles, etc.
Helps create positive image of brand in the public eye
Media viewed as unbiased (or less biased) amongst public
Testimonies and stories provided by 3rd party medium can help solidify brand image Super Bowl advertisements
1 each year= $6.8 million in 2 years Year 1 Virtual Forums Blogs, message boards, chatrooms, etc.
53% of visitors to online message boards make purchase decisions based on research done within online discussions
Forum participants are more affluent and are willing to pay much more for quality
Become part of community, don't bombard it with promotions Year 2 Social Media Will advertise mainly on Facebook, but will create accounts on Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter
According to AdAge, Facebook charges $550,000 for full advertisement on "Sign in" screen.
Charges $160,000 on "Log out" screen. Demographics are both genders ages 35-86= Heavy Users
HHI= $75,000+
37 million Americans log in DAILY to facebook
Impressions!! Facebook Ads Billboard Advertisements Premium large digital billboard space for 16 strategically positioned Weeks
Our Calculation : 4 week billboard advertisement= $25,000
Number of locations= 123
Number of 4 week periods= 4
25,000 X 123 X 4= $12,300,000 Year 1 Training Program Budget -Marriott Hotel: $79/night X 143 people X 2 nights= $22,594
-2 day conference room rental with audio/video= $10,000
-Food budget per employee: $45 X 143 people X 2 days= $12,870
-Estimated flight expense: $435 X 143 people= $62,205
-Printing and binding materials: $35 X 143= $5,005
-Guest speaker Brian Tracy: $20,000 X 2 days= $40,000
-Assorted gift basket: $100 X 143= $14,300
Total Year 1 Training Program Budget: $166,974 Company Trip To Jamaica Budget -Hotel: Iberostar Grand Rose Hall Adults Only All Inclusive: $560/night X 123 possible participants= $413,280
-Flights (Calculated From Fresno Air Terminal Round Trip): $1,102/person X 123 employees= $135,546
-Spending Money: $200/day X 123 employees= $147,600 Potential
-Total Trip Budget Potential= $696,426 X 2 years= $1,392,852
-Additional bonuses and gift cards will be given to other store employees based on store performance
-After Bonuses and all expenses are applied our potential 2 year budget is $4,001,275
-This comes out to $32,530.69 per store Year 2 Training Program Budget -Marriott Hotel: $79/night X 143 people X 2 nights= $22,594
-2 day conference room rental with audio/video= $10,000
-Food budget per employee: $45 X 143 people X 2 days= $12,870
-Estimated flight expense: $435 X 143 people= $62,205
-Updated Binder With Performance Specific Graphs: $50/person X 143 people= $7,150
-Guest Speaker TBD: $30,000/day= $60,000 Total
-Assorted Gift Basket: $200/person X 143 people= $28,600 Total
Total Year 2 Training Program Budget: $203,416 Year 1 Budget Year 2 Total Magazine and Newspaper advertising budget 2-year span= $21,476,100 Total TV Advertising Budget 2-year span= $26,992,800 Total Promotional & PR Budget Promotional Budget PR Budget $1,200,000 TOTAL BUDGET Thank You! Total Advertising Budget for Each Store $548,365.04 We believe that with most of our budget focused on advertising, the amount of impressions will reach millions of people. Total Budget Numbers 2 Years Advertising Budget- $66,472,325
Personal Selling- $4,001,275
Sales Promotion- $3,326,400
Public Relations- $1,200,000 TOTAL BUDGET= $75,000,000
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