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Once Upon A Time

No description

n vb

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is a TV series In which all of the characters are part of a fairy tale book and have been sent into this world by a curse from an evil queen who says that she will take way everything that they love.
Once Upon A Time
The main setting of this series is in a little enchanted ocean side town called Storybrooke in Maine.
There are many characters and many types of characters in this series; both supporting ones and main ones.
Point of View
The point of view in this series is mostly of Emma Swan though sometimes it changes to other characters. It is possible that the point of view is like this because the directors wanted to show what the other characters were doing at that time. It is mostly third person limited point of view, which means the viewer knows only the thoughts and actions of one character and only shows the actions of others. The use of high and low shots of characters also add to the suspense of the series in showing who has power over who at a specific time.
Plot Line
Henry finds Emma
Emma goes to Storybrooke
Clock moves
Curse weakens
Emma tries to leave
Emma crashes and is thrown in jail thought to be drunk
Emma gets kicked out of room
Emma moves in with Mary Margaret
Emma becomes Deputy
Mine blows up
Regina kills Sheriff
Emma becomes Sheriff
curse weakens
August turns up
Mary Margaret is thought to have killed Kathrine
Katherine turns up alive
Emma wants Henry back
Emma tries to fight Regina for him
Emma makes deal with Regina about Henry
Henry eats poisoned apple turnover
Regina and Emma work together to save Henry
Henry dies
He is brought back to life by a kiss from Emma
One of the main places used in this story is Sheriff Emma Swan's office. This is the place where all those that go to jail have their mug shots taken and are put in the one cell. This is also the site of several important discussions which have taken place between Emma and Mayor Regina, Emma and Mary Margaret Blanchard, Emma and Henry, Emma and Mr. Gold, Mayor Regina and Mr. Gold and so on. This is the place where the old sheriff, Graham Humbert died in front of Emma. The office itself is usually a very bright place, especially when the characters are having a calm or even cheerful conversation. Otherwise the office and jail cell are dark and dreary places, mostly when there is an upset or angry atmosphere.
The castle that Henry often went to before it was destroyed was a place where Henry and Emma had long talks. Henry also hid his storybook there away from his adoptive mother. It was a place that they thought they could talk in private. Henry ran there whenever he got hurt as well. The place is mostly bright but always cloudy, which means that it was a forewarning and it was destined to be destroyed. It also has a sound that is not heard anywhere else in the story, which is the ocean. This means that the castle is a peaceful place, a place where Henry can think out all of his problems.
Granny's Diner is also a place of many major discussions, some of them involving Granny, Ruby, Emma, Henry, August Booth, Kathryn Nolan, David Nolan, Mary Margaret, and Regina. This is a bright, cheery place most of the time but sometimes it is dark and dreary because most of the discussions here are angry or sad ones.
Emma Swan is one of the main characters in this story. She is the person most focused on and is probably the most prominent main character. She is round and dynamic, which means that she does change but still has many fully developed character traits. She is the protagonist, which means that she is the hero and savior. Emma ends up being the town sheriff after Sheriff Graham died. She lives with Mary Margaret Blanchard, a schoolteacher. Emma is almost always at odds with Mayor Regina Mills but otherwise is mostly a cheerful person.
Henry Mills is the biological son of Emma Swan and the legal son of Mayor Regina Mills. He is adventurous , curious, outgoing and strong, Henry is convinced that everyone in Storybrooke is a fairy tale character in his book of fairy tales who have forgotten their memories of being fairy tale characters. He and Emma are the only ones who are free from the curse other than the one who put it into place and the one who made it. Henry thinks that Emma Swan is the savior to break the curse of everyone forgetting who they are. He is round and static which means that he has many fully developed character traits but does not change. He is also a protagonist, which means that he is the hero, or siding with the hero.
Mayor Regina is obviously the mayor of Storybrooke and has many of the people in Storybrooke under her influence or too scared of her to do anything but her will. She is the one who put the curse in place and one of the only people that know about the curse. She is round and is dynamic which means that she does have a lot of character traits and often has inner changes of character. Mayor Regina is the antagonist, which means that she directly opposes the protagonist which is Emma.
There are several types of conflict in this series. Conflict means a struggle between a character and something or someone else. The other thing or person could be the character himself, nature or another character.
One type of conflict in this story is Man versus Himself. This means that the main character or any other character has a struggle within themselves against themselves. This is shown in Emma when she wants to believe Henry and August but she entirely disagrees with them.
Another type of conflict is Man versus Society. This is when any character has a conflict or disagreement with the group of main and supporting characters. An example of this is when Henry tries to convince everyone that he meets that the fairy tale world is true and for the most part, no one believes him.
One more type of conflict is Man versus Man. This type of conflict is when a character has a difference or disagreement with another character. Emma and Regina have this type of conflict. They are both opposing each other as much as possible and will always try to disagree.
Symbolism is when something uses symbols to show ideas or principals by giving them other meanings that are different from their actual sense .
Rumpelstiltskin or Mr. Gold or the Dark One's dagger is an example of symbolism because the dagger itself represents power and authority over every one who meets whoever is holding the dagger and commanding the Dark One. That character could be anyone as long as the character can get a hold of the dagger. The dagger also represents the option to live the easy live with all the power and wealth they could ever want or to actually work for what they need to survive.
Regina's apple tree is another object of symbolism. It is used in many ways, some of them being a representation of Regina's power and her want to be beautiful and loved. Another thing that it represents is her hunger for power. This tree is also a Biblical allusion in the fruit of the forbidden tree was for the knowledge of good and evil. This apple tree is also the forbidden fruit because in eating it, the person falls under a curse, as did all of humanity in Genesis 3:14-21.
One more example of symbolism is Regina's mirrors. They symbolize Regina's infatuation with herself and her always wanting to know how she looks and how other people look at her and view her as a person. The mirror also symbolizes her own thoughts as reflected in a mirror. The mirror is part her physical reflection but also part her thoughts when it says to kill Snow White.
A theme is the overall summary of the series. It is usually one phrase that is repeated many times. The recurring theme in this series is love will always find a way. This is shown in the way Emma tries to take back Henry.
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