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Why Meditate?

Built for PainePR

Kristen Lisanti

on 27 October 2011

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Transcript of Why Meditate?

This is you at work. taste sound sight smell touch Your brain receives signals
from your senses. But it also makes signals of its own. Memories, fears, opinions and prejudices are all stories that our minds tell us.

These stories keep us very busy indeed. Our minds are terrific at their job! Process Offense and defense Recall Fight or flight Habits Reflex ...which is to keep us safe: ... or courageous, compassionate, creative... What if I told you, you are not your mind? You're just watching your mind, like a that never turns off. Nice try. We all know this isn't usually the channel. The thing about life is: we can't control it. That's also the thing about clients. (and other people in general) This is your mind: This is your mind at work: It's busy... excited... Did you see yourself in that ocean?

Look again: She meditates. He doesn't. OK, time for a new metaphor! So the question is:

If you're the one watching,
who's got the controller? See where we're going here? What happens when we meditate? "Meditating has helped me not be reactive to a crazed client. By not getting wrapped up in her emotions, I was able to get to the root of the problem." anxious... under pressure... always right... on deadline... over budget... never enough... wake up get perspective see patterns connect dots get inspired get a grip calm down see clearly breathe easier give more raise awareness respond appropriately PPR Team Feedback (LA) "I see myself being more receptive in my relationships, both at work and at home." "I practice when I'm walking my dog. Actually, he's taught me a lot about being in the present moment." "Meditation showed me how it feels to take care of myself. Now I make more time to do that, and I see the results everywhere." But if you listen to the mind long enough, you won't feel safe at all... "This is such a great practice for us PR folk." "I've seen how multitasking is actually task-shifting, and is actually counter-productive for me." PR HERO sight sound Our five senses experience the world around us. neurotic
paranoid why meditate? SCIENCE
SAYS reduce stress
lower blood pressure
boost serotonin
strengthen immune system
grow your brain OR
Your Mind, Your Frenemy Meditation is:
Being grounded in the present
Seeing what's really happening now
Putting that awareness in charge of the mind How to Meditate
Know that you are breathing
Know that you are walking
Know that you are eating
Know that you are talking
Keep coming back to the present
See what happens! Do you tell your mind what to focus on?
Or are you at the mercy of your present circumstances?
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