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APUSH Political Cartoon Project

No description

Claire Stein

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of APUSH Political Cartoon Project

"Looking Backward"
Joseph Keppler
Rich men's appearence vs. that of their ancestors
Outstretched hands
Resemblance between shadows and men
Mid-1880s: southern and eastern Europeans began to flood into the United States.
Many Americans considered these new Slavic Europeans to be "inferior" to previous immigrants
Xenophobia and racism
Joseph Keppler
Good example of social/political satire?

Portrayal (Cont'd)
Turning away newly immigrated man with bags, tired eyes
Has part of each man (pants, scarf and hankerchief, nose)
"They would close to the new-comer the bridge that carried them and their fathers over"
Portrayal: Negative
Originally from Vienna
Founder of Puck magazine, the first successful humor weekly in the US
Made political issues easy for the average citizen to understand
Did not shy away from voicing his own opinions.
Puck continued to be published until 1918.

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Claire Stein
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