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World War II Presentation for American History

Our group's presentation on World War II for Sr. Nabila's history class.

Sarah Asfari

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of World War II Presentation for American History

World War II United States United States France Britain Germany Italy Japan Soviet Union Poland Allies Poland was the first country to be attacked in the war. When Germany declared war on Poland in 1939, it triggered the second World War.
Great Britain was one of the original allies, and it entered the war in 1939 to honor its ties with Poland.
France was also one of the first countries to declare war on Germany, as it was one of the supporters of Polish security.
The United States tried to remain neutral in the war, but when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, they decided to join the allies. Axis Germany can be regarded as the main cause of World War II, as it was the first to invade Poland in 1939. It was the primary axis power during the war.
Italy entered the war during the June of 1940. It hoped to become rich from the spoils of war after it was all over.
In December 1941, the Japanese, who had already been at war with China, attacked Pearl Harbor. They considered it a preliminary to attacking British and Dutch colonies in Southeast Asia.
The Soviet Union originally joined on the side of the axis powers, but after Germany invaded Soviet land, they switched and became part of the allies. When Hitler rose to power, he did not plan to only stay the dictator of Germany. He wanted to spread his rule and eventually take control of the world.
Hitler had his eyes set on neighboring Poland, and to justify an invasion, he staged a Polish attack on a minor German radio station.
Germany declared war on Poland on September 1st 1939. Start of World War II Escalation of War Britain and France had established treaties with Poland, so they allied themselves with Poland and formed an alliance.
Hitler launched his blitzkrieg (lighting attack) on Holland and Belgium, occupying both countries.
The invasion of these two countries, which had remained neutral, infuriated many.
Britain readied for attack on Germany, with infantry lined up on their beaches. The Battle of Britain The Battle of Britain was one of the greatest battle of World War II. It was an air campaign waged by Hitler and Nazi Germany on Britain. There were three main aims of the battle:
To assess the speed and accuracy of the British Royal Air Force (RAF).
To destroy British air bases and facilities.
To ultimately weaken Britain and defeat them in the war. (Britain was Germany's main enemy at the time). 1939-Germany invades Poland under the pretext of revenge for radio station attack 1939-France and Britain declare war on Germany 1940-Blitzkrieg attack on Holland and Belgium, which were neutral countries 1940-Winston Churchill becomes British prime minister and heads the military 1940-Italy joins the war on the side of the axis 1940 (July-October) Battle of Britain 1940-Tripartite Pact signed by Germany, Italy, and Japan Sarah Asfari Aleena Jilani Nida Akhtar Sources http://www.century-of-flight.net/Aviation%20history/WW2/bombing%20raids.htm
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