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March Madness!

No description

Cole Jenkins

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of March Madness!

Name of School/University
by: Your Name

Where is (Insert School Name) Located?
Need City and State
City Population

(Include picture of State/City Map)

Get to Know (Insert School/University Name)!
How many students attend this school? Include Undergraduate and Graduate students
Is your school private or public?
What is your school's mascot? Name? Include a picture!
The Inside Scoop!
What are 3 Degree Programs that the school offers that you would be interested studying some day?
Are there any famous graduates? Athletes, Celebrities, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Inventors?
How many times has your school made the NCAA Basketball Tournament? (Include Men's and Women's teams if applicable)

If your school has won, how many times have they won it all? If not, what is their highest round finish? Is it their first appearance ever?
Fascinating Facts
Need at least 5 facts about your college

Is (Name of School/University) Right for Me Someday?
Would you ever consider attending this school someday after high school? Yes or no? Why or why not?
GO (Mascot Name)!!
*feel free to add pictures and spice up this slide :)
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