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No description

kaishla fernandez

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Technology

Over time
"We need time to shape and design and filter our words so that we can say exactly what we mean." - John Freeman, "Not So Fast"
Speed Impact
Becoming Blind
"It starts with a simple instruction:
Don't send
." - John Freeman, "Not So Fast"
Stop Now
Technology Impact
Kaishla Fernandez
"If we spend our evening online trading short messages over Facebook with friends thousands of miles away rather than going to our local pub or park with a friend, we are effectively withdrawing from the people we could turn to for solace, humor and friendship, not to mention the places we could go to do this." - John Freeman, "Not So Fast"
Physical Relations Are Better
Who's really behind that screen anyways?
We are
Evolution or...?
"It has separated us from the people with whom we live..." - John Freeman, "Not So Fast"
"These interactions remind us that we are more than consumers; they remind us that we are apart of the world in a way no amount of online shopping ever will" - John Freeman, "Not So Fast"
"With the increase of smartphones in recent years many have griped about the narcissism of people who spend all their time on social networks, text messaging at the dinner table or taking photos of the food they eat." - Tom Risen, US News
"Even though young digital natives are very good with the tech skills, they are weak with the face-to-face human contact skills." - Gary Small, neuroscientist
(*Digital natives- a term for the generation who has grown up using computers)
"Using Facebook can reduce young adults' sense of well-being and satisfaction with life, a study has found." - BBC News
Sounds a bit like depression? Guess what can solve depression besides drugs...

"Talk therapy (psychotherapy), antidepressant medication, and lifestyle changes are often essential tools for managing major depression. But sometimes just soaking up some sunshine, breathing a little fresh air, and feeling your toes in the grass can provide relief from depression symptoms too." - Diana Rodriguez
Enjoy nature and those around
somewhere, something went terribly wrong...
"The last couple of centuries have marked a radical transition in human lifestyle. We've gone from living in a natural world to living in a manufactured one." - Kalle Lasn, "Culture Jam: The Uncooling of America"
"Young people are more likely to play computer games and indulge in social networking than enjoy leisure activities outside." - The Telegraph, "Children 'would rather explore the virtual world than travel'"
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