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holidays and traveling

No description

vid starc

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of holidays and traveling

holidays and traveling Advantages and disadvantages History
Types of accommodations
Types of transports
Types of holidays and traveling
Advantages and disadvantages Types of accommodations Types of holidays and traveling Types of transports Content History Traveling in 18th century
Tourism in the first part of 19th century, initiated by the Romans
Only really rich people
Leisure travel started with the industrial revolution
Cox and Kings
In 1845 Thomas Cook organized the first package tour for ordinary people.
Ski resorts like St. Moritz in Switzerland hotels were closed for winter until 1865.
By 1939 million people were traveling abroad Saint Moritz Backpacking Package holidays Adventure tourism Agricultural tourism Hotel Hostel Motel Camping Couch surfing Switching houses It is a place where you pay to eat and sleep when you are on holidays.
Many rooms, a spa, a swimming pool, a bar...
Expensive luxury hotels, one or two-star hotels Las Vegas Portorož, Slovenia Burj Al Arab, Dubai It is smaller than a hotel
Just sleeping with no breakfast or other meals. San Francisco They are similar to hostels
Along the roads for car or motorcycle travelers Wigwam Motel, Rialto, CA It is more adventurous than the other lodgings
It can be free or really cheap It is organized on an internet site
You contact them to make a reservation, for free. It is also organized on internet.
You switch houses for an agreed time, for free. couchsurfing.com Slovenia USA It’s a form of low cost independent international travel
It includes a luggage that is easy to carry around
Meeting the locals, seeing the sights, experiencing the culture
It’s practiced by young adults Mass tourism, takes place in very touristic spots
Price: transport, accommodation, trips, excursions, tours...
Are usually chosen by young families and by elderly people. Is a type of tourism involving exploration or travel to remote, exotic and possibly hostile areas
Mountaineering, trekking, bungee jumping, mountain biking, rafting, zip-lining, paragliding, and rock climbing
Ghetto and jungle tourism. Is a worldwide, trendy touristic activity that offers city dwellers a chance to escape urban concrete
People have interests to meet farmers, help them, experience the life of a farmer
Popular in the USA, Australia, Canada, (also in Slovenia) For many countries like Greece or Spain tourism is vital for their economy.
Renovation of castles, temples... Economical disadvantages
Some tourists may be attracted to buy weekend houses
Social disadvantages:
Tourism in certain areas can destroy the culture of touristic locations
Environmental disadvantages:
Tourists use cars or coaches to travel to touristic locations. This increases the amount of pollution in the air. THE END In the past: animal power or traveling by boat
Industrial revolution Car One of the most used transports to travel
Shorter distances, smaller group of people Bus Motorcycle It is cheaper than a car
Uncomfortable, can’t stop everywhere you want. Limited luggage
Can't travel in all weather.
The most dangerous. Train It is used for long or short distances
Fast, comfortable, quite cheap
One of the safest ways to travel. Ships Not used for long distance transport, quite slow
Traveling on islands or over the canals. Airplane For long distance travel, the fastest
Quite expensive, except from low cost air companies. Cruises
Cruises are large ships for longer distances
Large room capabilities, spa, swimming pools, shops, even skate rings, basketball courts
Are organizated all around the world, on rivers: Nil, Amazon... Camper van Transport and sleeping accommodation
Beds, small kitchen, bathroom, shower
You don’t have to plan your vacations, search and spend extra money for accommodation
Consumes a lot of fuel
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