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Senior project

senior project presentation

Mohammed Abubakar

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Senior project

Screen Printing Wooven Mesh Printing technique that uses woven mesh Supports a ink- blocking stencil Webbed mesh or a screen streched on a stiff casing Types of screen Printing Flat Surface Ink placed on fabric or Dry paper Pneumatically driven(Driven by air) Low Noise maximum height 40mm Fine adjustment controls ammount of ink used Main uses are stickers and T- Shirts Rotary
better for continous high speed web printing Screens are more thinner seemless metal cylinders are used Quality of ink is better fresh ink is constanly pumped through cylinder only used for continous patterns like wallpaper Screen Printing process Three elements Screen Squeege Ink Wood or metal Tension is needed for proper ink registration preses ink onto fabric only through open areas of the screen Mistakes Are unavoidable and cost a lot Ruined screens cost $10,000 per year Fabrics cost between $200 and higher monthly Graphic Design needed for making desingns for shirt Vector Art uses shapes, lines and curves can be resized without losing any quality best for printing has very good quality when printed out More info about screen printing
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