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Homework Investigation

The value of homework

French Reader

on 19 May 2017

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Transcript of Homework Investigation

"Homework is all pain and no gain... Not only should there be much less homework assigned, there ought to be none at all of the worst types, such as filling out worksheets or cramming forgettable facts into short-term memory"(Alfie Kohn, The Case Against Homework).

The Cons of Homework
The Pros of Homework
Apply knowledge
Teaches children outside of school to give time for activities in class
Practice Makes Perfect
Time Management
Homework has Benefits
How does homework affect students' outside-school life?
No time to be a kid
No family time
No personal/free time
How does homework effect students' health?
Anxiety and stress levels risen
Headaches, migraines, stomach cramps, illness
American teenager averages 6.5-7 hours of sleep
Hours of sleep recommended 9-10
Staying up late= Waking up late, no time for breakfast
"...Not only should there be much less homework assigned, there ought to be none at all of the worst types, such as filling out worksheets or cramming forgettable facts into short-term memory"(Alfie Kohn, The Case Against Homework).
Is Homework Mostly Busywork?
Former teacher turned researcher , Angela Lee Duckworth, firmly believes that "grit" is they key to success.
Angela Lee Duckworth
To teach students to be grittier, we should:
Works Cited

Biology Teacher Andrea Townsend writes "If I'm going to offer interactive activities in class, I need students putting in some time and effort studying outside of class as well." (The Atlantic)
-Cathy Vatterott
profesor of education
author of
Rethinking Homework
"Lessen the quantity while improving the quality of homework by using it to compliment classroom work."
Main Idea
8. If yes, what types and why?
10. How would you define busywork?
2012 Homework Survey
"Homework prepares students for work-related tasks, financial planning, and any project that ends with the feeling of a job well done." (Andrea Townsend)
Assign long term assignments
Allow more choices in their daily homework activities:
Choosing their topic for a project or report
Allowing choice whether to complete an assignment if student has mastered material
By Calvin Golas, Veronica Perez, Kiara Pickett and Allison Larinan
2012 DPHS Homework Survey
"Work that doesn't help me learn or review. Work that is really redundant or easy and doesn't require much brain work."
-anonymous student
What homework is quality work?
We should do work that promotes more understanding
Homework is a brain pushup
Homework helps with one skill
"After spending all day in school, our children are forced to begin a second shift, with more academic assignments to be completed at home" (Alfie Kohn, The Case Against Homework).
*smaller amount of students responded to this question
Quality of Homework
Biology Teacher Mr. Jones
English Teacher Ms. Hess
Based on understanding a concept
Only be necessary materials needed for the child's success
Assigned with minimal busywork
Directed towards enforcing/teaching "grit"
The Quality of Homework
Correlation to Success
How Much is Busywork?

Homework should be..
*Other represents English
Eight hours per week
Weekends appoximately 5 hours
Weekday 36 minutes
Time Spent Together?
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