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Allie Cunningham On My Honor

This is a class project a genre we read dueing the quarter.I use the book On My Honor to tell about the genre of Realistic fiction.

Amy Hardister

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Allie Cunningham On My Honor

On My Honor My genre is Realistic Fiction. On my honor too really close friends want to go swimming and Tony doesn't really know how to swim. Tony wants to go race in the river instead of the pool beacause he doesnt really know how to swim and he doesnt want everone to see that he doesnt cant swim well. CHARTACTERS: Tony- he's brave boy.
Joel-Is the kid that gets embarassed easily Realistic Fiction: A made up story made that can be realistic. summary: On my Honor jole and Tony are best friends. Tony wants to go swimming in the River. Joel says instead lets go to the pool instead of the river. Tony lures joel into going down to the river. The boys decide to have a race to see who can get across the river first. Joel is the first one to get across when he looks back tony isn't there. Tony has drownded. The reading helped me understand to follow directions and no to swim in rivers. Also i would have just gone to the pool and make my friend go with me.
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