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Can't Look Away

No description

Evelyne Conejo

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Can't Look Away

Can't Look Away
Prezi By: Evelyne Conejo.
Book by: Donna Cooner.
Characters: (Theres alot)
Torrey: Torrey is the main character in the book. Shes 16 and has a younger sister from which shes dead... Shes a worry worm and is trying to rebuild her life. Shes a youtuber and is popular and fun to hang out with.
Blair and her posse: Blair is the princess at Torrey's new school. She has a posse which include Mia and Emily. Mia dislikes Torrey (or she might just be jealous.) but Emily is chill and likes everyone but Luis... (no one but Torrey likes him so..) They are all popular and take in Torrey as one of them.
Ross and Max: Ross is one of the boys at the school like Max. They're popular as well. Ross is funny and likes to goof off. He's smart and has a lot of people that like him. Max is what Torrey thinks is cute. He likes showing off everything he has to everyone he's fun to hang out with as well as Ross.
Mom and Dad: These are Torrey's parents. Theyre kind of taunted by what happened to their other daughter, Miranda, she was killed in an accident with a drunk driver so they don't let Torrey drive. They're nice to Torrey since she's not so happy as well.
Raylene: Raylene is Torrey's cousin from Texas. Shes funny smart and annoying. She has a cat that she wants to be in the calendar, and always drives Torrey to school. She is 16 and doesn't have too many friends.
Luis: Luis Rivera is a kid who not a lot of people like. He works with his parents in the funeral home. He was in football but quit to work at the funeral home. He was popular but got "kicked out" after he quit the team.

Torrey is the main character out of all the book and she is 16. She is a youtuber and she loves beauty and fashion. She had a younger sister, but she died in an accident involving a drunk driver. Torrey tries to hide her secrent youtube identity but soon gets discovered.
Blair and her posse: Blair Mia and Emily are all the popular kids. They take in Torrey into the popular group. Blair is nice and funny and Torrey refers to her as princess. Mia dislikes Torrey or she might just be jealous. She tries getting Torrey into trouble with the rest of the people. Emily is basically Blair's minion. She does everything that is told to do. She mocks Blair in a cheerful way and likes Torrey.
Max and Ross: Max and Ross are the popular kids at school. Max is a showoff and likes Torrey, he flirts with her and tells everyone about the new things he has and what not. Ross is the smart funny guy. He makes jokes but knows all the answers in class. He's a 'Ladies Man'.
He left football for the cemetery so now people don't like him as much.
Luis Rivera: Luis is a kid no one really likes (except Torrey). He works at a cemetery and likes being fit. He likes Torrey but he can't get to her because shes trying to stay away from him while shes with Blair. (Note: no one really likes him.)
"Rat" and Ever: Rat and Ever are a couple and are kind of the less popular people. Rat (Torrey thinks) is his nickname, Torrey doesn't really think people in Texas name their kids after rodents. Ever is his girlfriend and they hang out a lot. Ever is the first person Torrey met at her new school.
Raylene: Raylene is Torrey's cousin. Shes everything awkward and annoying. She drives Torrey to school just about everyday and has a cat she absolutely adores. She always thinks positive and likes being active. Raylene is in the same grade and same age as Torrey.
Torrey's parents: Torrey's Parents are really paranoid now since Miranda's death. They don't let Torrey drive but support her in her bad times. They love Torrey and don't want to lose her.
And last BUT not least, Zoe: Zoe is Torreys (now ex) Best friend. She black mailed her with a video of Torrey and Miranda fighting just before her death. She's always wanting to be in Torrey's vlogs. She also loves fashion.
Torrey is a girl from Colorado who moves to Texas. she had the perfect life until her sister died in a accident. She was crossing the street and a drunk driver came in an hit her with the car. Miranda later died in the hospital. Torrey then had to move to Texas to bury her sister. (This is where most of Torrey's father's relatives have been buried.) Torrey makes some new friends and continues with her "life". She hasn't made a new video for her youtube, BeautyStarz15.
Rising action #1: Torrey makes new friends but they start to discover who she really is. Torrey
Setting: The setting in
Can't Look Away
is in Colorado and Texas. This book is in the present, but has flashbacks of the past. Torrey is alot in her own home, at school, or somewhere with Luis.
Rising Action #1: Torrey makes new friends and they seem to like her. Torrey gets jealous of Blair, or so she calls her the "Princess". They start to notice that she's a youtuber and that Torrey is famous. Torrey doesn't want Blaire and her posse to find out that she's famous because her sister is dead and they'll find out who she really is!
Rising action #2: Torrey gets some hate from a person from her new school. More from a girl named Mia, which is part of Blair's posse. She finds a note in her bag saying,
Go back to Colorado BeautyStarz15
She suspects it's Luis since he was the last person she spoke with. She goes to his house and asks for him but he is not home. He comes home and they do excersise. Luis says it was not him and Torrey assumes it was Blair.
Rising Action #3: Torrey starts receiving more hate from Mia at school. Torrey starts getting "Ofrendas" for her sister at midnight and starts getting dreams of evil skeletons from what Luis told her. Every night she gets something new from Miranda's box to give to her on The Day Of The Dead. Torrey starts to blame her self for the death of her sister.
Rising Action 4: Torrey catches her father looking at some of Miranda's things in her box. She later takes more things and ends up having a huge stash in her closet. Torrey tries to make a video for her youtube but she can't. Mia Blair Emily Ross and Max find out Torrey is famous on youtube. Blair found out and tells everyone else.
Torrey runs on the track with Luis and Mia finds out. She tells everyone at lunch but then Torrey uses her sisters death as a way to stay at their table when she secretly likes Luis.
Climax: Luis takes Torrey out to the graveyard to go visit Miranda. She cries and Luis and Torrey have a talk about the after life. Torrey starts getting even more hate from only Mia. Luis confesses why he is now unpopular and how he was popular and dating Blair once. Torrey's ex-best friend posts a video of when Torrey and Miranda argued just before her death and Torrey gets 10x more hate then she already does. Torrey will never forgive Zoe for what she's done. She now has to deal with haters and the blame for Miranda's death.
Falling action #1: Zoe finally takes the video down from the internet but Torrey still thinks the people at school have seen it. Zoe keeps calling her and texting her. Torrey refuses to answer and continues her life.
I give this book a 9 out of 10 because it was a really good book that was filled with many emotions and it was funny at times and was sometimes sad. I recommend this book for girls more because they'd like it a lot more because it deals with beauty and heartbreaks. (I don't think boys would like this.) It is not, however, the best book I've read.
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