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Other Kinds of Innovation

No description

Jerry Michalski

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of Other Kinds of Innovation

"for limited Times" (Commerce Clause) Social Dark Poor Long Tail Indigenous Dabbawallas Scientism by @jerrymichalski Frugal innovation Re-use Appropriation Reinvention of ancient wisdom Other Kinds of Innovation Defensive Innovations Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998 Also 1998 Digital Rights Management Social Good Fiduciary Responsibility Corporate Personhood Hack the Law Code is Law Regulatory Capture Crowdfunding Crowdsourcing Collective Intelligence Conscious Evolution Crowds and Swarms Remix Culture No "Great Man" Participatory Medicine Government governance Patents Terminator Gene Suing seed cleaners (Re)discovery Process patents Gene patents Innovation = progress = good stuff War as a wellspring of innovation Taboos Impossibilities By: Everyone! By: Those with no resources or education By: Organizations defending themselves from disruption Taboo Broken: Average people are dumb and dangerous Taboo Broken: Innovation is always beneficial Taboo Broken: Innovation requires education and resources
(and IP protection) Real Innovation the kinds that don't get talked about much Overconfidence Defensive Innovations Enhancing Innovations Sustaining Innovations Disruptive
Innovations Accidental Singularity rendered quaint Occupy Movement WIPO
WTO Patent walls What if the big innovation from the rest of the world is innovation without IP protection? No business model! No exit strategy! They leave money on the table! What if the big innovation from the rest of the world is innovation without IP protection? denuded the public domain socialized the costs of protection crippled global innovation Lag Do Grok Effects Dust Bowl Cities = Motorways Global Climate Change? Internet of Things
Smart cars
etc. etc. 28 years
renewable only once
you had to apply Patent trolls </Recourse> Stuxnet felonized fair use Astronomy Physics Open Science Resource sharing Endangering farming itself Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad (1886) Rugged individualism The Invisible Hand Free Markets Compulsory
Education 14th Amendment 3 Fictitious Commodities:
Money The Commons Exhorbitant executive pay packages Short-term market rewards The Commons No seat at the table Innovation Michael Wesch at Kansas State Watch:
RiP! A Remix Manifesto Remix Culture Other Kinds of Innovation A REXpedition
November 2011 With:
Jerry Michalski
jerry@sociate.com What to do Contested definitions / measurements Kickstarter #PunkMoney civilisedmoney Stirrups Gunpowder Repeating Rifles Machine Guns Longbows Crossbows Blitzkrieg Combined Arms Warfare TNT Missiles Nuclear Weapons Chemical Weapons IEDs Drones Cyberwarfare Guerrilla Warfare Military Innovations The Golden Hour Intent Hanlon's Razor Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Intent Unwise because:
Bad mental models
Unintended consequences Faulty Mental Models Outdated conventional wisdom Outdated conventional wisdom Wisdom Are you going dark?
(a checklist) You may be heading down the dark path if:
You are working in secret
Adversarial use (who might be harmed)
No process for considering social effects, other POVs
Has internal dissent or discussion been discouraged (Be Like Leo ((Szilard))
Overly concerned with IP
Are mainly re-allocating rather than creating wealth
No consultation with others in your field, outside your field, or other stakeholders
Defending incumbents/ preserving privilege
Obfuscation of terms of use
Are you aware of substantial opposition to what you are building
Gut check: do you feel uneasy about any aspect of the innovation or the process for it?
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