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Sentence Fluency

No description

Trisha Balakrishnan

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Sentence Fluency

Sentence Fluency
By Trisha, Cindy, Vihar, and CJ
Example Of Writing With Good Fluency
The Bad Example
How to improve your sentence fluency
Write like you are speaking to your reader.
Stay on topic
Use many connecting words.
Don't use run on sentences.
Use descriptive words.
Count how many times they use the word "seed"
Ask yourself...
Traits of Writing
with Good Fluency
Good rhythm
varied sentences

Sounds like the author is talking to you.
It just FLOWS!
Without sentence fluency...
Books would be so boring
It would be hard to understand the author's point.
No visual image!!!!
Is my writing easy to read the first time?
Did I use some
long and short sentences?
Did I use different kinds of sentences?
Do my sentences begin with different words?
so use sentence fluency and be glad J.K. Rowling did, or else...
no one would read the one and only,
truly amazingly, fabulously, cool...
Now please enjoy our "better than Shakespeare" play!
now for
your quiz...
question 1:
Who uses sentence fluency?
Question 2 :
What are two reasons that books use sentence fluency?
question 3 :
What do you need to do to have good sentence fluency?
question 4 :
What does a piece of writing with bad sentence fluency have?
question 5 :
How do you know if a sentence has sentence fluency?
question 6 :
write a sentence or two that uses sentence fluency.
a. sounds choppy.
b. The meaning isn't clear
c. sounds like music but has more than five ands.
d. none of the above.
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