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Cloze Procedure

No description

Robert Ghiretti

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Cloze Procedure

Cloze Procedure
Robert Ghiretti
What is Cloze Procedure?
Used to teach reading comprehension
Words are omitted from a passage or text
Teacher chooses letters or words for deletion
Forces the student to fill in the blanks
Reasons for Using Cloze Procedure
Forces the student to use a key word chosen by the teacher.
Practice with Phonics.
Assesses sight and vocal vocabulary.
Allows students to make predictions.
How to Use Cloze Procedure
Have the students read part of a book or passage.
Students should reread the passage.
Cover or delete select words 0r parts of words
Allow students to attempt to fill in the blanks.
Examples of Cloze Procedure (Refer to Previous Slide)
Have them e______ their answers.
Reveal the _______ answers.
Discuss the r_______g for choosing these words.
Advantages of Cloze Procedure
Helps improve reading and listening comprehension.
Enhances vocabulary of the student.
Works on knowledge of sentence structure.
Provides clear objective for students.
Advantages of Cloze Procedure
Allows students to find deeper meaning in readings.
Allows the teacher to assess if a book is the correct reading level for their class.
Involves repetition of reading of content.
Variety of uses.
How to Use Cloze Procedure
Have them expain their answers.
Reveal the correct answers.
Discuss reasoning for choosing these words.
Disadvantages of Cloze Procedure
Can become difficult to create quality cloze tests
Some disagree that it is a valid form of testing.
Can frustrate students who struggle with vocabulary and language
Advantages VS. Disadvantages
Fill In The Blanks
Use the Word Bank
For Younger Students
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