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Chinese Idiom Project - Seoyun

Wangyangbulao. It is not too late to mend the fence even after the sheep are gone.

Hyun Lee

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Chinese Idiom Project - Seoyun

To Repair the Fence After Losing the Sheep To repair a flaw so that you will not make the same mistake twice. Don't procrastinate, and if you do, learn from your mistakes. Nadie escarmienta en cabeza ajena. No one learns from the others mistakes Learn from your mistakes Learn through your mistakes There once was a little boy. His name was Xiaohua. He was a good student, and took many classes. One day, his teacher told him there would be a test. But Xiaohua decided to go out and party with his friends. The next day, Xiaohua took the test. He failed. Xiaohua realized that he needed to try harder and do well on the next test. So he studied hard and improved his grades. English There once was a shepherd. He had many sheep but was very lazy. Although the fence was broken, he didn't bother to fix it. One day, all the sheep ran away. A very wise person said, "You can still mend the fence after the sheep are gone." The shepherd did and was very happy because his sheep couldn't run away any more. Bibliography



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