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No description

Kristine Agape Javier

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of KFC

RESEARCH ANALYSIS SUMMARY Austria | Dela Pena | Enriquez | Japitana | Javier >The study focused on the health perceptions of KFC consumers, KFC products, competitors and product of the competitors

> The study has three parts: Research I, II and III. KFC went public in 1969, was bought by
PepsiCo in 1986 and now part of YUM! Brands
since 1997
Has more than 14,800 outlets worldwide, more than 5,300 in US, more than 2,100 in China
Focuses more on fried chicken and other chicken products
Has introduced grilled chicken sandwiches for the health-conscious and a breakfast menu
Has 45% share in fast food chicken market but had a 4% sales loss in the US
Has become more budget-friendly after customer perceptions of "pricing out"
BACKGROUND Finger-lickin' good, Colonel Sanders -> grilled chicken, 0 grams of trans fat Introduced an animated character and uplifted branch image to target younger consumers Typical customers are ages 25-54,in white-collar to blue-collar jobs They have hectic schedules and thus convenience is a priority Alleged unethical handling of chickens (Kentucky Fried Cruelty)

Fried food=artery clogger?

Too much emphasis of health resulted to consumer skepticism

Their prices are relatively higher than those of other competitors
Research I Results To find out what people’s perception of the KFC brand is currently.
To compare KFC’s menu options to the menu options of their major competitor’s. Objective 8 out of 50 only know that KFC offers healthier grilled chicken. Results McDonalds gives the best value while KFC is overpriced.
Value and convenience two main things consumers look for. Results Convenient sampling
50 students in Morgantown (roughly ages 18-24)
Composed of 25 open-ended, multiple choice and Likert scale questions. Survey College students, specifically for events like sports games and social events (18-24)
Selected on the basis of being outgoing male individuals, who are active and have an opinion about fast-food consumption
African-Americans are 30% more likely to visit KFC
-to explore advertising options that may appeal -to this demographic Target Research II- Concept Testing What they see in KFC:
Gross; food didn't seem like real chicken
Nothing healthy in KFC; food was good but greasy
Didn't like the idea of eating out of a bucket
Extremely slow service
Location is too far away and overpriced; in a bad area and people think it is scary to drive there at night
KFC is viewed as specializing in just chicken Results Summary People were looking for:
for healthier, cheaper and convenient fast food with good tasting options
KFC is too expensive
Easy ordering, quick service and drive-thru windows
Something they can eat when they are drunk; fast food choices that serve late night food for cheap prices
Places that use healthier frying oils
Liked the idea of preparing the food in front of them Results Summary Problems
Customer perception of KFC as unhealthy
Undefined target market
Negative stereotypes

Can be a healthy alternative to the competition
Has strong Top-of-Mind-Awareness in the product category
Already uses unique ad methods and is open to creative advertising Potential impacts Target's current perceptions of KFC food
Target's awareness of KFC's healthy options
Evaluate customer's perceptions of attempts of "healthy fast food"
>What is the most important factor involved with consumer decision making Objectives Research III-Copy Testing Graphics
there are parts that are unappetizing
Potential Problems
colors (should be dominated by KFC colors)
Potential Strengths
good info
calorie comparison
going online part Perception on KFC products
definitely memorable
funny and catchy
headline is too small
Body Copy
calorie watch
honest competition
well correlated with the headline FGD on Heavyweight Campaign Graphics
Potential Problems
Martin Luther King over Stalin
Potential Strenghts
use of colors
catchy Trust the Colonel theme FGD on Trust Colonel Campaign Memory, Liking, Associated Message, Message Fluency and Benefit
Headline, Body Copy, Graphics, Potential Problems and Potential Strengths Details Male college students 18 to 24 Target Assess audience reactions to two campaign themes
Examine best online strategies for the "Trust Colonel" campaign
Evaluate the various taglines for the sexy/health print advertisements and determine the ideal amount of sex appeal Objectives ~END~
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