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Copy of Pre-Colonial vs. Post-Colonial Ceremonies

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Hayley Roche

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Pre-Colonial vs. Post-Colonial Ceremonies

Bride Price Ritual
This ritual is when the dowry is determined. The bride's family presents a bundle of sticks, which represents the number of bags of cowries paid to the groom's family.
Ibo Ceremonies
Post- Colonial
Bride Price Ritual
This ritual is very similar to present-day engagement due to the fact that it is a proposal leading to marriage. However, we usually just give a ring instead of haggling with sticks.
Feast of the New Yam
An event that is celebrated every year before the harvest as a way of giving thanks to the goddess, Ani, the source of all fertility. During this celebration, all yams are disposed to symbolize the upcoming arrival of the new yams. Large amounts of yam, foo-foo, and vegetable soup are prepared.
Feast of the New Yam
This festival is somewhat similar to our present-day Thanksgiving because of the symbolism of welcoming a new year's harvest.
Pre-Colonial Ibo Ceremonies

Post-Colonial Ibo Ceremonies
Source: https://sites.google.com/site/southwindsoribo/ceremonies-social-gathering-and-rituals
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