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Percy Jackson & The Olympians

No description

Ashley Myles

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Percy Jackson & The Olympians

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This story takes place in the great city of New York. The setting begins at school which appears to be normal with teachers, principles, a band director, students, and a secretary. However, Percy has to battle bullies and unsuspected monsters. He decides to go to Camp Half-Blood were he finds one of his old teacher's/mentor. The area looks very rustic and forest-like. This is where Percy trains and perfects his powers. Percy is faithful and reverent. Percy is part of the American culture.
Percy Jackson

Percy is one of many protagonist in this story. He is the son of Poseidon. Percy is a demigod. He is confident and brave. He is the big hero in the story. His importance in the story is, he had the dream that started the adventure.
Percy has a dream that his friend Grover is in trouble. He decides to go to Camp Half-Blood to see if there is an explanation to what is going on. When he gets to Camp Half-Blood he finds that the protective shield to the camp is broken and his old teacher is leaving. The new camp adviser is mean and stubborn. He realizes that if he will ever find his friend he has to sneak away from camp with Annabeth and Tyson. Along the way they have to battle sea monsters, giants, and an old rival Luke Castellan.
videos and pictures ;)
movie trailer
The Sea of Monsters
by Rick Riordan
created by. Ashley Myles
6.3 Language Arts
2 August 2013
Annabeth Chase

Annabeth is another protagonist in this story. She is the daughter of Athena. She is head strong and very wise. She is one of Percy's friends. Her importance in the story is to help Percy find Grover. She is also a demigod.
Grover Underwood

Grover is also a protagonist. He is the Lord of wild life. His importance in the story is to give Percy a signal that he needs help. He is very intelligent. He is Percy's protector. He is a Satyr.
Tyson Jackson

Tyson is Percy's brother no one knew about. He is a cyclops. Tyson is very strong. His importance in the story is to help Percy find Grover. He is the son of Poseidon. Tyson is a protagonist.
Luke Castellan

Luke is a antagonist. He is the son of Hermes. Luke is a despicable person. He is not friends with any of the characters. His importance in the story is to make it harder for Percy to find Grover . Luke is a demigod.
movie trailer
The sequel to the book series Percy Jackson & the Olympians is astonishing. After Percy's school has been corrupted by monsters during a dodge-ball game for physical education, he ventures off to Camp Half-Blood with his friends Annabeth and Tyson. When they arrive at the camp, they find that it is being infiltrated by evil mechanical bulls. They discover that the shield has been broken because Thalias tree has been poisoned. The activities director at the camp is being fired under faulty circumstances. The knew director is dangerous, mean, and unfair. Percy tells him about this dream he's been having about his friend Grover being in trouble, and how he needs to find him. The director decides to hold a competition to see who will go on this quest. Unfortunately, Percy didn't win, so he sneaks off with Annabeth and Tyson to find his friend. He has to battle sea monsters, sorceress, giants, and Luke Castellan to get to his friend. Later in the story he finds an important family secret, Tyson is his brother! I was expecting for there to be more action but over all it was an amazing book.
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