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This prezi is about how bad cyberbullying is.

Oliver Arnesson

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Cyberbullying

Picture of the victim and how sad it can be!
Cyberbullying is bad because it is an online conversation between the bully and the victim. The victim is the person that gets hurt in this process. It can start by being at school. One day your friend is being really mean to you and you say something mean back. They take it seriously. Then things can get bad because they could end your friendship. They can get a bunch of their friends and make an online website just to tease you. Sometimes they post death wishes and that breaks your heart. That is when the cyberbully takes over.
How Cyberbullying Happens!
If you want to stop cyberbullying then you can do this.
Ignore the nasty comments
Report the mean comments to your principal
Tell a trusted adult
Use their comments as evidence for the police
This usually helps kids that have been cyberbullied. Some kids that have been cyberbullied have committed suicide. Never listen to death wishes as much as it hurts.

How You Can Stop Cyberbullying!
This is a place where cyberbullying can happen. At school.
You may have heard of "star wars kid". He was the first person to be cyberbullied. He had made a video of himself and shared it with his friends. But it didn't stop there. His friends shared it on the internet and it soon became world wide. "Star wars kid" was getting nasty comments like fat nerd and idiot every day. This is why cyberbullying is bad.
More Information on Cyberbullying.
Cyberbullying is Bad!
Images of cyberbullying.
Bibliography 1







Bibliography 2
Thanks for
watching. Arnesson
By Oliver
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