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Reality mining for Companies : BigData Opportunity

This presentation is for "BigData Innovation conference " on 23/11/2012 - http://tinyurl.com/c3h365v

Gautam Anand

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Reality mining for Companies : BigData Opportunity

Gautam Anand


http://tinyurl.com/RMSGBD What is reality mining ? When we talk about BigData ,we consider few important characterstics : How is this a BigData opportunity Organizations can analyze the "Influence of a person in any social structure" to get various interesting results .

I call it "Crazy stuff" Why is this exciting ? Customers love their smartphones source : http://www.go-gulf.com/blog/smartphone If somehow we could collect and analyze these "breadcrumbs of human data left by these mobile phones" We could create a "psychological profile" of the customer behavior or Community of customers. Once we have "psychological profile" then we can predict "Influence" in a social network .

This means answers to questions never answered before . How ? Every organization works by the people for the people .

So the center element in any analysis - within organization workers or external customers have one thing in common "People" .

If we can understand them better we can solve many big problems ,increase productivity and save a lot of resources etc.

Better understanding of "people" means
Better understanding of the organization &
Better understanding of the customer behaviour. Top 4 Things that can be improved by this technology: 1.Customer relationship management

2.Identity Management

3.Effective operations management

4.Sales Analytics

#Present research techniques(Market,Sales,CRM etc) care about analysis based on the inputs that is willingly given or is calculated by the person.

#General social behaviour is collected and analysis is made on that."Social network is created representing the group "

But here .... How is this different ? #We try to understand the patters based on Honest Signals .These signals are natural and can be collected even when the person doesn't know.

Ex: Surveys will become history

#"Social network is created representing the individual person "."individual" play a characterstic role here .

->Hence the social structure has more depth and knowledge that can be mined. "honest signaling," evolved from ancient primate signaling mechanisms, offers an unmatched window into our intentions, goals, and values

One can get more accurate picture of :
1)what people do
2)where they go
3)With whom they communicate from a device they carry than from more subjective sources, including what people say about themselves.

In short, people lie cell phones don't. Or so the thinking goes. You can explore more :http://www.amazon.com/Honest-Signals-Shape-World-Bradford/dp/0262515121 1.Large volume of data

2.High velocity

3.Realtime analytics

4.Realtime Visualization We are looking to about atleast 10% of 80% of the world population i.e 6 Billion (approx) that is confirmed to have smartphones. So we have Big Volume of Data. This data is changed or created after a short interval so the velocity is high . We would require "Distibuted computing" to process this fast . We need strong "Web" Visualization standards that can adapt with such high speed analytics.

Ex : Data driven documents Case study - Inrix

In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, U.S. officials scrambled to secure other national landmarks that might become future targets. Chief among them: California's Golden Gate Bridge. Might terrorists try to destroy the passageway between San Francisco and Marin County, and if so, how widespread would the fallout be? Inrix Source : http://buswk.co/WhpvrO

INRIX is the leading-provider of traffic information, directions and driver services, as well as apps and tools.

-all designed to get your traffic-powered solutions to market rapidly.

-Intelligently combining the best data from the largest traffic network in the world with game-changing technologies, auto manufacturers, mobile developers, transportation agencies, fleet and Internet companies, INRIX helps to set themselves apart. Case This technology is new and has very few case studies .This case study just shows the potential of such technology . Solution

To answer those questions, the Homeland Security Dept. turned to a small company called Inrix, which was recently spun out of Microsoft (MSFT).

It uses GPS-enabled mobile phones and tracking devices installed on commercial vehicles to monitor traffic conditions.

Inrix used its models to predict that the loss of the 1.7-mile bridge would result in immediate transport chaos. How reality mining is used ?

"On Days Two through Four, the system tends to adjust because people know what is happening and adjust their plans,"

Inrix was able to reach those conclusions using "reality mining,"

Researchers say they can get a more accurate picture of what people do, where they go, and with whom they communicate from a device they carry than from more subjective sources, including what people say about themselves. BigData ?

1)Large Volume : Inrix tracks some 750,000 vehicles traversing 55,000 miles of roadway in 129 cities to gather real-time traffic congestion data.

2)Realtime Analytics : Providing live traffic information to devices made by Garmin (GRMN) and TomTom

3)Realtime Results : Predict models for major sporting events that shows what happens if you build the stadium in one place or another. Privacy Objections ?

Guilherme Roschke, a staff attorney at the Electronic Privacy Information Center says that while reality mining may have some legitimate uses, it can also be abused.

Conference organizers are turning to reality mining to ensure events come off without a hitch.

One aim of meetings is to ensure participants interact with people from disparate backgrounds, and a planner can use radio-enabled tags to know whether that's happening.

Rick Borovoy, founder of nTAG Interactive(event data management) :

- "Very often your first inclination at something like this is to hang out with someone you know or who you came with,".

- "We try to intervene and change that by collecting data on how people are interacting." If people aren't mingling enough, conference organizers can offer incentivessay, a door prizefor whoever circulates the most.

-Customers include Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), General Electric (GE), Siemens (SI), IBM (IBM), and AT&T (T). "Our customers spend a lot of money on these events, and they want to know whether or not they're effective," Borovoy says. Example to explain If all this movement-tracking sounds invasive ?

When people are monitored without their consent. "There is a lot of new information being collected, and it brings significant new capabilities, some of which are privacy-infringing,"

"The first thing is to let people know this data is being collected, and how it's going to be used. And whenever it's put to a new use, then it must be disclosed." Ethics : Always be good ! Thanks !

Queries ?

Reality mining for Companies
- Big Data Opportunity 23rd Nov 2012 - Singapore
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