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Abusing is wrong

No description

6grade FSA

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Abusing is wrong

At least 1.8 million women are battered each year in the US.
Diary of hurt women
Can't you hear it
Dear Diary,
I can’t stand my life anymore. My husband has ruined everything for me. He was the love of my life. My first 2 years of married life were great, but after that he changed. He would hurt me every time something happened at his work. He takes his anger out on me, and I get bruised. When people ask me what happened, I say I fell. The pain makes me cry. When he comes home drunk he forces me to have sex with him. I try to tell him to stop , but he punches me, so I have to. I want kids, but I can’t risk them going through what I do. I want to get divorced , but I don’t have the money. My life will not be as it used to be. Maybe one day I will go to the police and have the guts to do it.
The hurt women.

People are asking for help
The dark silent room. The broken vase on the ground. Shattered.
"Im sorry dad I didn't mean to break the vase. I was trying to move it," said the little girl nervously.
"Why were you moving the vase?! It was $100!" He exclaimed angrily.
"Im sorry daddy can you forgive me?" asked the little girl. A tear fell out of her eye.
"Now You Have to get your punishemt for breaking the vase," he said with a dark glare in his eye. He picked up his hand and he slapped the girl so hard.
"Im really sorry daddy! I won't do it again!" She cried, tears were running down her face. He kept on hitting her untill She fell down to her feet.
"Now you have learned you lesson.,' said her father
The room became silent. All you could see in the dark was the body of the poor little girl.
Please help make it stop
Abusing is wrong
Dear Conan Letterman Fallon,
I have been beaten every day of my life. My husband will not stop hurting me. He always takes bis anger out on me. My life is no longer good and I feel like killing my self. I try to hide from him, but he finds me and hurts me even worse. What should I do?
Torn apart
Dear Torn Apart, I see what you are going through. Being beaten by him must hurt. I would recommend you try talking to him. Try to ask whats going on.You could also go to charity that could help you. If things are getting worse you should go to a women shelter. They will help you from being abused. Go online and you can find one. I hope everything works out.
Love , Conan Letterman Fallon.

1. 80% of men who batter commit no other crime
2. 60% of women are also rapped by their husbands
3.Somone is the US is sexually assaulted every 2 min
4. 78.3% suffered neglect
People are helping. People are supporting families. Feeling empathy for one another. Having charities.
Impact Statement
The reason we need to know about this issue because people are getting beat up, being forced into things, and dying. Approximately 5 children a day die. Abusing is telling people you can hurt anyone you want. We shouldn't abuse people. We can start by teaching people. We can tell people that abusing is wrong, you shouldn't put your anger out on people.78.3% suffer neglect. Try talking with those people . Ask what they need. We learn that abusing is bad. It kills people and destroys there lives. This is not a society us people want to live in.
The Abusing can stop. You need to make the effort.
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