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The River Nile-GB

No description

Year Six

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of The River Nile-GB

The River Nile-GB
do we still need it today?
Well the quick answer for that would be yes, because there are people that fish in it because there aren't any stores near by.
What is the river Nile
The huge river Nile thats around 4,258 miles long runs through the whole of Egypt an was a key for ancient egyptians to live.
How was the Nile important?
The river Nile was very important because it was a source of water and made food grow!
What would of happened without it?
well. Egyptian civilation wouldn't of existed. There would be: no pharos, no mumified cats and no prymids.
Are there harmful diseases?
yes, in the 18 hundreds a paracite called schistosomes was found in an african river. It was found to do damadge to organs such as the bladder, kidneys and liver.
There are lots of animals that live in the Nile including Hippos and venomous snakes!
What creatures are in the Nile?
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