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Graduate School Orientation Presentation

No description

Kayla Sutherland

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Graduate School Orientation Presentation

Fun Facts
Education and Research
Centers and Institutes

Famous Alumni
16 UF Colleges
Agricultural and Life Science
Business Administration
Former Governor of the State of North Carolina
Football player, 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, two-time National Championship winner

Beverly Perdue

Tim Tebow
Former Chairman of the Board of Governors of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF); former Minister of Finance of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

André-Philippe Futa
University of Florida is...
About UF
Sea Grant
Land Grant
Space Grant
Health Science Center

The University of Florida
16 colleges

and more than
150 research
UF serves
and is among the
nation’s most academically
diverse public universities.

Centers and Institutes
Design, Construction and Planning
Fine Arts
Health and Human Performance
Journalism and Communications
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Public Health and Health
Veterinary Medicine
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

With 24 undergraduate majors,
more than 50 areas of specialization
and 23 graduate majors, CALS is an
educational leader in the areas of food, agriculture, natural resources and life

UF’s McGuire Center for
Lepidoptera and Biodiversity
at the Florida Museum of
Natural History is one of the world’s largest butterfly and moth research facility.

Photo by LaggedOnUser, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

UF Water Institute
Faye Dunaway

US Women’s National Soccer team,
two-time Olympic gold medalist

Abby Wambach
Justice in Florida Supreme court; as the judge in Palm Beach County, he refused a new vote during the 2000 US Presidential election

Jorge Labarga
Founder of Grooveshark, an online music search engine

Sam Tarantino

Erin Andrews
Columnist and

Carl Hia
Inventor of the
digital computer

John Atanasoff
Nobel Prize winner in medicine and physiology

Marshall Nirenberg
Inventor of Gatorade

Robert Cade
United States Senator from Florida (Republican)

Marco Rubio
Professional football player

Emmitt Smith
President of
Miami Dade College

Eduardo Padron
How tall is
Century Tower?
157 feet =
47.85 meters

Population of Gainesville, FL in 2010 was…

UF’s annual economic impact exceeds $8.76 billion
UF built the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certified building in the state of Florida and now houses 17 LEED certified buildings.

How big is the largest class on campus?
654 students
The record lowest temperature in Gainesville is __ ?

10 degrees Fahrenheit = -12.22 degrees Celsius

Hispanic Business named UF’s College of Engineering 6th in the nation for engineering schools for Hispanic students (2011).

UF partnered with Spain to create the world’s largest telescope in the Canary Islands and is a nationally renowned leader in specialized aeronautics and space research.

How many students and family members live on campus?
Between 1968 and 2008, 145 Gators and 13 Florida coaches have earned 91 medals (45 gold) while representing 34 countries in 12 Olympiads

How many people does the O'Dome seat?


How many newspapers are printed daily for the Alligator?
In the past four decades, more presidents of the American Bar Association have come from the UF Levin College of Law than any other U.S. law school.

The Swamp is the ___ largest football stadium in the country?
The Swamp is the 12th Largest
UF faculty were awarded more than $740 million in research funding in 2011.

By land area Florida is the __ largest state in the U.S.
Florida's population makes it the __ largest state in the U.S.

Seventeen faculty are members of the National Academies of Science and Engineering and the Institute of Medicine.

Th UF Health Science Center serves as the major referral center for patients in the U.S. Southeast.

UF health care/ dental clinics provide services in Gainesville, Leesburg, Hawthorne, Fanning Springs, Ocala, Jacksonville, St. Petersburg and Hialeah.

Number of

UF has more than 367,000 living alumni in all 50 states
and more than 135 countries.

How much has UF earned in royalties from Gatorade?
More than $150 million
What is the largest populated city in Florida?
UF activities generate 100,000
statewide jobs, including more
than 34,000 university employees
and those employed by supporting

The University of Florida is home
to the state's only College of Veterinary Medicine

UF consistently ranks among
the top 10 universities in royalty

UF's 50,000 students
come from all 67 Florida counties, all 50 states and more than 130 countries.

UF has placed in the national all-sports top-10
rankings for how many consecutive years?

26 years as #1 in the Country
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Famous Alumni
Gator Experience
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