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Intro To Earth Wisdom 3.0

Outline of the audio series

FireHawk Hulin

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Intro To Earth Wisdom 3.0

A Digital Learning Journey Introduction to Timeless Earth Wisdom Free Introductory Phone Calls
60 MInutes (firm) Future Doorways Opening (5)
Stringing the Beads Teaching (40)
Practice STB - present condition & what called you to this teaching? (In small groups - size depends on the overall numbers)
Questions (20)
Assignment - String the Beads with: 1. Mother Earth & journal what you hear - respectfully listening for and hearing the voices of Life 2. With another person (partner, friend, work colleague, etc.) noticing all aspects of your experience(20)
Closing (5) Week Two - Stringing the Beads - Respect (90) Opening (5)
Stringing the Beads - present condition & stories of building your medicine wheel(20)
Community Circle - response to questions (10)
Teaching on the Power of Questions (20)
This week's assignment - listen to audio and find your question to hold all week long, plus while being in your power spot, and/or walking the land(15)
Questions (10)
Closing (5) Week Four - The Power of Questions - Love (90) Opening (5)
Stringing the Beads - stories of holding the question(20)
Community Circle - response to questions for community learning (10)
Teaching Practices - meditation, song, observing life in a small circle around me, creating beauty and coherence (add to your wheel), spend a time in silence on the land, share your relationship with your spot with someone close to you(30)
This week's assignment - listen to the audio and choose a practice(10)
Questions (10)
Closing (5) Week Five - Earth Practices - Relationship(90) 9 Month Digital Course - Grow Community, Support Diversity, Enable Resilience and Promote Health - Applied Earth Wisdom
CEW ceremonies - community with the seasons and teaching ceremonies for deeper learning
Vision Quest at Coyote Ridge
Walking as a Chief training
Pathway to Stewardship Opening (5)
String the Beads about practices (20)
Community Circle - responding to questions about practices (10)
Intro to Conscious Relationship - agreement as the foundation (20)
This week's assignment - in nature - listen to the audio - List the agreements I have with myself? List the agreements I have with one other person close to me? Pay attention and express gratitude to the natural world you are in every day (noticing)(10)
Questions (10)
Closing (5) Week Six - Conscious Relationship (90) Opening (5)
Stringing the Beads - last week's assignment - results of Earth and Person Stringing(20)
Overview of the Wheels (teach Elementals & Human Elements) (30)
Questions (8)
This weeks assignment - listen to audio - make a Medicine Wheel by your power spot and take a picture of it and to post your experience in the Lodge(15)
Questions (7)
Closing (5) Week Three - Medicine Wheels (90) Opening (5)
Overview of the course (10)
Stringing the Beads - Name, Location and Present Condition (whole circle or small circles, depending on the numbers)
Questions (10)
Basic Elements (40)
Respect - basic attitude - self responsibility
Wheels - how the knowledge is carried - tools - how we navigate
Love - Is the universe friendly? - an appreciative stance
Relationship as a fundamental ground of Timeless Earth Wisdom - the concept of "All my relations."
Dreaming - the power of our humanity
Assignment - walk in nature, find a power spot that you will return to and reflect on what called you to take this course - what are you seeking, what do you want out of it?
Questions (20)
Closing (5)
NOTE: Add a Stringing the Beads element (not teaching) - consider doing a two hour initial call Week One - Elements of Timeless Earth Wisdom (90) Opening (5)
String the Beads - stories of your Agreements(20)
Community Circle - responding to questions (10)
Teaching about whatever is needed for a good completion(15)
Questions (15)
Gratitude Round (15)
Closing (5) Week Seven - Applied Earth Wisdom (90) Introduction (audio piece 90 sec max)
Content/Description of the Journey
On-line ahead of time
Spoken here as well
The Structure of the Journey
Being with the Earth
Co-Creating with the Earth
On-Line Community phone calls
Journaling on-line
Dyads - Present Condition of my relationship with the Earth
Closing Commitment required 2h45m per week for 7 weeks
90 min on the phone
1 hour in nature
15 min journaling on-line $199 paid electronically Ceremony
With the
Earth Vision
with the
Earth Holding A
Question with the
Earth Daily
with the
Earth Relationship
With the Earth This wheel is
for our benefit - it is the design for
the flow of the course
Full transcript