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Subject Pronouns

Spanish Expresate 1

Chloe Mohammadioun

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Subject Pronouns

Capitulo 1
Subject Pronouns
The subject of a sentence tells who is doing the action.
You often use people’s names as the subject:

escucha música.

canta y baila.
You use
subject pronouns
(I, you, he, she, we, they) to tell who is doing an action.
The subject pronouns replace people’s names to avoid repetition.
3rd person
2nd person
1st person
**all girls
*mixed group or all guys
they = ellos*
they = ellas**
you = Uds.
he = él
she = ella
you = Ud.
you = tú
I = yo
Tú, usted, ustedes, and vosotros(as) all mean “you.”
Use tú with family, friends, people your age or younger, and anyone you call by his or her first name.
We = nosotros
Use usted with adults you address with a title, such as señor, señora, profesor(a), etc. Usted is usually written as Ud.
In Latin America, use ustedes when speaking to two or more people, regardless of age. Ustedes is usually written as Uds.
In Spain, use vosotros(as) when speaking to two or more people you call tú individually:
Tú + tú = vosotros(as)
Use ustedes when talking to two or more people you call usted individually.
If a group is made up of males only or of both males and females together, use the masculine forms: nosotros, vosotros, ellos.
If a group is made up of females only use the feminine forms: nosotras, vosotras, ellas.
P. 14
Exprésate 1
Subject Pronouns
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