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Wolf River Bluffs Asset Map

No description

Anna Gattuso

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Wolf River Bluffs Asset Map

Wolf River Bluffs
Innovations in Education and Community Building in the Neighborhood
A Community Assets Map
Frayser, Memphis
The Gestalt Schools of Memphis are Charter Schools that were founded with the idea that the overall experience of education was larger than the sum of its parts. This education, as a Charter School, is available free of charge to all Memphians.
Excellence in Education
In the past few years, Frayser has become home to some of most innovative new schools and school programs in the city.
These days, Frayser is more and more often known for its:
Excellence in Education

History of Civic Engagement

Innovations in Community Development

Green Space and Urban Farming

The Achievement School District is an innovation in public schools. In the recent past, when Tennessee schools were lacking in the resources they needed to create good students, the state came up with an innovative plan to make the schools in most need into schools of choice which would provide above-average educations to their pupils. In Memphis, the Achievement School District also serves as the administration for selected charter schools. Frayser is home to 6 Achievement School District Schools.
Gestalt Community Schools were founded with the idea that charter schools should offer high quality, free education to students. According to the Gestalt mission, the experience of attending school should be larger than just attending classes alone.
Gestalt Schools
In operation since 2000, Frayser CDC offers homebuyer education and credit counseling to potential new homebuyers, as well as foreclosure prevention to existing homeowners. They also buy and renovate homes and rental properties.
Frayser CDC
New Hope Christian Academy was founded with the mission to provide free, quality religious schooling to children living in economically unstable urban neighborhoods. This year, the school has a School Farm.
New Hope Christian Academy
The Catholic Diocese of Memphis has long employed high standards for quality education in Memphis. It offers its Jubilee Schools as low-cost alternatives for parents seeking superior education.
Jubilee Schools
Achievement School District
The Frayser Exchange Club offers a chance for neighbors, friends, and local business people to get together once a week to share ideas, business opportunities and activities available in the community, and in the city at large.
The Frayser Exchange Club

The Frayser Community Association

The Frayser Community Association keeps Frayser residents up-to-date on neighborhood news and events. In doing so, the FCA also encourages residents to be active in other neighborhood organizations.
Innovations in Community Development
Recently, the neighborhood of Frayser has become more involved in community development at the national level.
Parks and Green Initiatives
Frayser is one of the many neighborhoods in Memphis which are making strides towards becoming greener.
A coalition of community development organizations got together and created a group called Greater Memphis Neighborhoods, which wrote a strategic plan for using resources to revitalize Memphis neighborhoods. That plan led to the inception of a Memphis-based coalition called Community L.I.F.T.
Community L.I.F.T.
Frayser was one of the three Memphis Neighborhoods selected to be a part of LIFT. Through LIFT, Frayser applied to and was accepted to become part of the Building Neighborhood Capacity Program. This program comes with a grant for community building projects.
Building Neighborhood Capacity Program
The Frayser Neighborhood Council is an elected body made up of residents and neighborhood leaders and merchants. The mission of the council is to give Frayser residents an opportunity to speak up on issues that are important to their neighborhood.
Frayser Neighborhood Council
A History of Civic Engagement
Frayser has a history of civic clubs, neighborhood associations, and CDCs working to strengthen the fabric of the community.
New Hope Christian Academy is at the forefront of the grwing number of Memphis schools which are utilizing farms and gardens as a way to teach and nourish young scholars.
School Farm at New Hope Christian Academy
Recently, the Denver Park successfully competed for a grant to build a new urban hiking trail. The Denver Park Neighborhood Association also enjoys an active membership.
New Urban Walking Trail at Denver Park
United Housing, Inc. has begun construction on a new, 35-lot housing development in the Frayser neighborhood. Named Wolf River Bluffs after one of the most prominent natural features of the Frayser area, it is open now and features solar panels on each new home. The solar panels are thought to be worth a significant monthly utility bill savings.
Solar Panels at Wolf River Bluffs
Learn more about Frayser :
Frayser Asset Map: http://www.arcgis.com/explorer/?open=0d52e3a6790b48328d0f363acfeafbb5&extent=-10044972.8624696,4181028.09575008,-9997376.17434546,4200215.51065011

Data sourced from:

Community L.I.F.T.

The Frayser Neighborhood Council:

Special thanks to Steve Lockwood, Frayser CDC
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