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Untitled Prezi

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Kate Turnbole

on 25 December 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

It's Christmas Eve...
And I want you to take a walk with me. A little trip through the city... We start our trip in my neighborhood. I started my trip feeling tired, and a little lonely.

I decided I wanted to wander, to see whatever I could find. Not looking for anything specific, and not looking to document specific things (though I've looked them up.)

Then I got the idea to share it, and it was like everyone was out with me.
So this is our trip, and my gift to you. First sight, one I see regularly.
The Lillie Langtry pub, near my
flat. The road my road turns into. We're not stopping at the pub, though... Onward! It's amazing the places you find ...just walking around. Time to hang a left at Albuquerque... I mean, Gloucester Road. Fun fact:

Gloucester Road is where the "appointment making" company is that connected me to my landlord.

Good folks. "Beatrix Potter
Lived in a house on this site from 1866 to 1913" I love this place. It's just sort of tucked away. Wandering around in here now. Right in this neighborhood, in fact Apparently they're very strict in Kensington Gate. Just ask their cacti!
(this made me giggle madly) Still right around here...
time to turn right on Kensington High St. Next point of random things... I have come to love random statuary.
What does it meeeean?
I see floral and female. It's leafzilla! This was the only photo I took with a flash. Dr. Livingstone, I presume... Slowing down a bit now, taking everything in.

I went for a walk in the park at night.
Peaceful. Not through this gate, of course The photo below is the Royal Albert Hall.

The one above is the Albert Memorial across the street.
The memorial is so well lit that I could see it from almost any point in the park. Random
statuary I love these gates. And then some
heads... Right, so we've got:

1. Epstein's "The Rush of Green" at
Bowater House.

2. The gates by Bowater House.

3. I'm not really sure what the giant heads are or who the artist is. Interesting, though. ..Suddenly. ...a carnival?
In Hyde Park. This is where I was... ...in the following... I just love these trees! Popped out of the park right about here. And *poof* Christmas
everywhere! (same lights, but less artsy fartsy angle) Harrods and another shop.
Heh heh, shiny.... ...um, what? St. Paul's Kensington About this point, it was time to head home... Goodnight, Westminster. Slightly different route back... Fun with night photography. Yes. So this is where I'll end it. Me, near the end of the journey.
We've walked for 3 hours, and gone just over 7 miles round trip.

So I guess there's really only one thing left to say...

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