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Improved EMS Service Delivery in Atchison County

No description

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Improved EMS Service Delivery in Atchison County

Current EMS Agreement
City of Atchison Budget Impact
The City would use current rate structure
The City anticipates collecting 45% of billings in year one
Collection rate should rise in out years
$100,000 one-time stipend
Lagging EMS billings
Additional equipment
History of EMS
1960s: EMS becomes public safety service
First providers were funeral homes
Past Atchison County EMS providers:
County, hospital, private, volunteer, and City fire department
Prior to 1984: Atchison County provided EMS
1984 - 1996: Atchison Fire Department provided EMS
1996: City requested additional mill from County so County contracted with Med Care
Closed 9 months later
1997-2012: Atchison Hospital provided EMS
2013 - Present: Techs, Inc. provides EMS
Emergency Medical Service Provider Levels
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)/First Responder

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Type II Service

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT)


- Type I Service
Current Response Times
City of Atchison Proposal
Beginning January 1st, 2017, the City of Atchison will provide EMS coverage for eastern portion of Atchison County for $125,000 per year, plus a one time stipend of $100,000
The City will charge current County approved rates
The City will staff 3 EMS Units
Type I and Type 2 Service
The City will serve 13,608 residents in the eastern district of Atchison County
80.4+% of the total population of Atchison County
90% of current EMS call volume
City of Atchison 11,021
Shannon Township 1,282
Mount Pleasant Township 864
Walnut Township 441
Portions of Center and Lancaster Township
The City will perform routine and emergency transfers for Atchison Hospital
Proposed County Facility
County purchased facility on April 28th for $155,000, plus remodel costs
City Manager appeared at May 5th meeting to talk about consolidated Fire/EMS
City was approached by citizens concerned by increased response times
City staff ran GIS data that confirmed increase response times for majority of Atchison County residents

Fire Department Operations Impact
The City of Atchison/Fire Department would add 6 employees
3 FF/Paramedics
The City would run 2 EMS units with on-duty personnel, and call a third on-call crew when second ambulance is dispatched
The City would provide second out medical response throughout the County
Techs, Inc. Responsibilities:
Staffing for 2 ambulances, Paramedic Care -Type 1 or Paramedic level service
Ambulance & par car in Atchison, ambulance in Effingham
90% response time under 15 minutes, all responses under 30 minutes
County Responsibilities:
$680,000 annually in 2015, 2016, and 2017
2 ambulances, par car, repairs over $1,000, & non-disposable medical supply
Approve rates

Improved Response Times
Proposed Savings to Atchison County
Executive Summary
The City of Atchison Proposes the Following:
Provide EMS for eastern half of Atchison County starting January 1, 2017
Operate 3 EMS units with combination of paramedics and EMTs
Receive annual operating subsidy from the County of $125,000
Receive one-time startup stipend of $100,000 from the County
Citizens of Atchison County should see substantial savings
Western District of Atchison County
The City of Atchison will provide second out EMS coverage for the western district
Availability of 3 ambulances in the eastern district --> more availability of the ambulance in western Atchison County
The County should be able to continue to contract with Techs, Inc. at a reduced cost ranging from 40% - 50% of current contract
Improved response times and EMS availability throughout Atchison County
Stronger partnerships in Atchison County
Savings to Atchison County of $950,000-$1,292,000 over 5 years
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