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key process C

sport analysis

James Masters

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of key process C

Watch carefully WEAKNESSES CLIPS
What weaknesses can you see in the following clips? YOUR TURN? Using the template provided
pick a sport that you will take
forward as one of your 4 top
Now strengths and weaknesses are
completed in draft format decide
which of these weaknesses you would
like to improve the most?
(technique, skills, specific fitness
components, tactics, K & U of the
game/event). Analyse performance and make judgements using appropriate technical
terminology. Students are expected to look at a performance or consider their own, and will be marked on their ability to identify at least one strength and one weakness, which need to be fully explained. For the following clips highlight what the strengths are using bullet points or a thought cloud. PART 4
What will you do to help improve these
weaknesses? (step by step)
* Specific training drills (explained)
* Observations of other players (Why?)
* Get feedback from coach/peers (Why?) PART 5
How do you plan to monitor your
* Video analysis (why and how used?)
* Target setting (Short-term and Long
term - LADDER DIAGRAM/Philosophy)
* Track and monitor
improvements (Why?)
* Goals need to be S.M.A.R.T Start to write down the strengths you
have in that sport.
You should either pick one or two
strengths to focus on and write a
lot of depth. Start to write down the weaknesses you
have in that sport (including reasons!) Now you have completed your strengths
look at each others KPC on your table
and decide what is good about them. Share
and discuss as a class. What could be improved to make the
grading higher? Once again look at each others weaknesses
on your table and decide what could be done
to improve the grading (?/10). Feedback
your ideas and discuss as a class. The important part is to EXPLAIN WHY
you have chosen them...what IMPACT
will the improvements make? S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Achievable
R - Realistic
T - Time bound Example: Improving Cardiovascular Fitness
(a) Test your CVE levels (Cooper test or
Multi-stage test)
(b) Describe how fitness sessions will be
(c) Use of fitness components such as
Fartlek/Interval training
(d) Redo the test to evaluate improvements
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