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Copy of Spanish Imperialism in Mexico

What facts are there on the Spain colonization in the Mexican territory?

Rachelle Verdillo

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Spanish Imperialism in Mexico

Spanish Imperialism in Mexico Mexico is located south of the United States. The imperial ruler of Mexico would be Spain.

The main reason for Spain to go and conquer Mexico was to spread Christianity, and to also find gold and settle their community in the valuable lands. Imperial Ruler of Mexico Good things for the
Long-Term due to Imperialism Religion had become widely spread and became common amongst natives.
Government improved infrastructurally and involve the people's voices more. (1900's) Bad things for the Long-Term due to Imperialism Bad things in the long term that happened would be that Mexico struggled with territorial integrity, and internally.
Political corruption
Social unrest
Being threatened for war Bad things in Short Term due to Imperialism Legal system granted no rights to natives.

There was also slavery and brutality amongst peers. Spain gained advancement in European power. Became #1

Nationalism increased within Spanish Colonies.

Good things in Short Term due to Imperialism When did Mexico gain independence? The independence from Spain in Mexico was recognized on August 24, 1821.

A rebel group formed by Father Miguel Hidalgo helped unite natives in gaining independence.
Important Leader in Independence Father Miguel Hidalgo, the rebellion leader, was assasinated later on in his rebellion. Jose Maria Morelos took over.

Jose Maria Morelos, the new leader, had several victories against the Spanish armies. This showed Mexico's strength and they finally won independence. Economically - Plantations formed and they lost a lot of their resources.

Politically - Government formed, and people had a say.

Socially - Christianity because the most common religion. Results of Imperialism
Economically, Politcally, Socially Opinion on Imperialism of Mexico Good - Showed true strengths and capabilities.

Bad - Gave little rights to natives.

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