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Business Plan

Siddhant Shah

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Airotronic

Travel with a class Voyage 5) After listening and collecting data, just identify appropriate action considering company’s policy and customer’s expectation.

6) Take action if you have authority or involve manager or concerned person.

7) If corrective action cannot be taken immediately, tell the customer. It’s better to give bad news rather giving false news.

8) Record the action to be taken and inform anyone else in the organization involved.

9) Look into the matter, provide a proper follow-up.

10) WE ALWAYS FOLLOW THESE @ VOYAGE AIRLINES. 8 Ps of Service Marketing Down the line we would look forward to server in the civil aviation industry for the country by binding to all norms and government regulations.
We would even go International after a span of two years and which would include world class services with updated Technological Standards.
We are even looking forward to bring solar planes on which our R&D Department is working on and would implement down the line in between a span of 5-10 years.
We would also possibly expand into Cargo Sector as it is a major income source.
Also if needed to expand than it’s limits, will venture out with a competing company. Future Prospectus 10 STEPS WE FOLLOW :

1) The frontline employee handling complaints should stay calm under any circumstances.

2) Let the customer get the story off their chest- do not interrupt, this will only cause irritation. In this case listening skills comes into picture.

3) Avoid admitting any liability at this stage. The officer just need to show concern like, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, let me see what I can do”. Give attention to the customer, make him feel important.

4) Get facts by using question and try to find out the real and whole story behind it. Complaint Handling Gap between consumer expectation and management perception

Gap between management perception and service quality specification

Gap between service-quality specifications and service delivery

Gap between service delivery and external communications

Gap between perceived service and expected service Service Gap Our company intends to offer
a unique service to all of its customers
affordable, comfortable and luxurious transport
Our competitive advantage shall be our friendly staff that shall go at lengths to ensure the customer is served and fully satisfied.

Through our reasonable charges and satisfying travelling we intend to attract a large portion of the market, both directly and indirectly.
Hence all promotional material and campaigns shall be directed to fulfilling our intended positioning on the market. Positioning At Voyage Inc, The very own Boeing itself
The ticket
The boarding pass
The seating configuration (comfortable and spacious)
the in-flight food provided (a wide selection of meals will be offered to the passengers)
Our sleeper seats with electric controls for reclining lumbar support, leg rest extension, expanded seat back height for a more insulated environment, thus providing highly comfortable seating.
Booking offices and ticket counters at also are extremely spacious and well designed with good looks.
The aircrafts at Voyage Inc have elegant interiors well designed seats with more leg room especially in the business class. Physical Evidence Airhostesses (scrutinized and best amongst all)
a pleasing personality with polite service handling

The cock-pit crew
Whereas the cock pit crew require to possess high analytical and technical skills

The ancillary service personnel, the travel agent

The front line staff People Have a press release to make the people and the corporate aware
Free gifts for the first year for those who travel
Along with it we will use media also to spread the awareness. The other promotion techniques are:
Television Advertisement
Brand Ambassador  will be Ranbir Kapoor who can help build a brand image
Tagline that help in create a position in minds of the people. Our tagline would be “Nothing is as far as you think”
Internet advertising on various sites likes yahoo, google, etc, club agencies makemytrip.com, yatra.com
also socialize through facebook, twitter to help us know about the number of our followers, obtain people’s view and feedbacks. Promotion Voyage Inc is leasing offices as we are just entering the market.
Voyage Inc has a plush corporate office in Bandra (Mumbai) as head quarters, Bangalore, Indore (Madhya Pradesh) , Kolkata, New Delhi with well equipped with trained employees.

Various channels for ticket booking :
Tour Operator/ Travel Agency (Clear trip, make my trip.com)
Airport Counters

Affiliated with companies Place 3 levels

Core Service:
Travel Transportation > Short Hauls i.e. in the Domestic Market and Long Hauls (after a year or so) i.e. International Flights

Facilitating service:
Check in, services-on-board, connecting flights, complimentary gifts, in-flight entertainment.

Enhancing service:
Online bookings, offers, mile cards, pick up and drop service and mobile ticketing, hotel booking, etc. PRODUCT Subcontractors:
Aircraft cleaning
Airport security
Food service
However, whether an airline does the work itself relies on outside vendors, the carrier remains responsible for meeting all applicable federal safety standards. Engineering and maintenance

Sales and marketing
Ticket and cargo sales
Reservations and customer service Line Personnel:
These include everyone directly involved in producing or selling airline’s services

Three broad categories:

Flight operations - administers all policies and procedures. 
Flight-crew training
Dispatchers How is Voyage Structured ? Vision Statement
Mission Statement
How Voyage Airlines is structured
Boeing 787
Market Segmentation
Services Offered
8 P’s of Voyage Airlines
SWOT Analysis
Service gap
Complaint Handling
Future Prospects Voyage Today Includes ? Valen Fernandes
Siddhant Shah
Nipul Jain
Tejas Lilani
Aksha Shah
Diana Kohinoor
Rohit Ahuja Founders of Voyage www.boeing.com (Boeing 787-900)
www.youtube.com (vidoes) Wibliography SWOT Analysis Initial stage > price skimming strategy
Build a relation with the potential customers and then further reduce our prices to attract more so to capture a larger share of the market.
This strategy will keep the customers thinking why so high and what are they providing against ?
No cancellation/processing fee charged (as of now)
Our pricing is based on the following factors:
Class of travel: MUMBAI TO DELHI ECONOMY CLASS: 8000-10200
BUSINESS CLASS: 10500-15200
Load factors
Date of travel
Day of travel
Profit margins
Competitors pricing Price Market Segmentation Voyage Inc is a new consumer airline in its formative stages.
The gap exists in low cost service
The management of Voyage Inc is experienced in airline start-ups
Our research and projections indicate that air travel to and from Mumbai is sufficient to provide a new carrier with excellent revenues
The Voyage Inc plan has the potential for a more rapid ramp-up
In short, the frequency of flights needed to serve Voyage’s target market exceeds the demand that dictated Kingfisher's growth.
Profits in year one will be a modest percent of sales and will improve steadily with the economies gained in year two. Introduction to Voyage Leased Private Boeing
The plane features plenty of rooms in the cargo bay zone
master bedroom
bath with freestanding tub
guest suits
a conference area
a gourmet kitchen
a large-screen movie theater
a cocktail bar
office space
and many more.
The floor of the cocktail bar features a glass made transparent area through which passengers can check their cars stowed below decks.
250 to 290 passengers
8,000 to 8,500 nautical miles (14,800 to 15,750 kilometers)
20% more fuel efficient Brief Description :
Super-efficient airplanes with new passenger-pleasing features that bring the economics of large jet transports to the middle of the market, using 20 percent less fuel than any other airplanes of their size.
Dreamliner is a plane that can fly literally high with all the luxuries beyond someone’s dream. Boeing 787 Will to fly our customers privileged.
Our service will emphasize safety as its highest priority.
We will operate the newest and best maintained aircraft available.
We will never skimp on maintenance in any fashion whatsoever.
We will strive to operate our flights on time.
We will provide friendly and courteous "no frill" service. Mission Maintaining Global Leadership & Serving Society’s Needs Vision THINK YOU AS AS FAR IS NOTHING
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