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To my maths teacher


samir sanghavi

on 1 October 2009

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Transcript of To my maths teacher

He invented number 45. It's because of this invention we have 46 and other subsequent numbers. Sachin and Gavaskar, in that order, would not have been able to score those half centuries and centuries. Inventor of decimal points. "." yes that . (horrifying for some children)... only due to this invention have we been able to do fraction... it's from this invention that we have been able to divide one god into many. This lady invented square roots. Don't think she ever understood nature... we never have square roots. it's only because of her that we have these large numbers... and no wonder they cause so much of strain to eyes and brain... in my opinion this is the most meaning less invention till date.. we should bury it in the ground...it would be good fertilizer, artificial though. square roots and square trees... goodbye poetry. Thank you! Good Morning Start
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