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Together We Can Grow Great Readers!

No description

Karen Callis

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of Together We Can Grow Great Readers!

Together We Can Grow Great Readers!
What Good is a Library Anymore?
What resources are available for classroom teachers in the library?
How Will You Use Your Library This Year?
Research has proven that when the classroom and the library collaborate, students achieve more.
Professional Books and Resources
Room L2 is full of physical materials for you to check out!
PD books
Literature Units
Center Games
Online Reference Sources
World Almanac for Kids Online

World Book Encyclopedia for Kids

Professional Knowledge
That would be me!
When you ask me to help you find things, YOU SAVE TIME!
That makes you a more effective teacher, and it provides your students with an enhanced learning experience. This all leads to greater student achievement.
I can help gather...
physical resources
online resources
research help
presentation help
Library Subscriptions
Time for Kids Magazines
Math Magazine
Accelerated Reader

Physical Materials
PD Books
Read Alouds
Class Sets
Materials and Manipulatives
Professional Help
Ask the Librarian to...
help me locate materials
help me create presentations
fill requests for materials I need
Online Resources
Accelerated Reader
Math Magazine
Time for Kids
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