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Crocker Four

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Differences

Jamaica Belarus France South Africa Saudi Arabia India Jamaica's General Topography and Wildlife Belarus' General Topography and Wildlife France's General Topography and Wildlife South Africa's General Topography and Wildlife Saudi Arabia's General Topography and Wildlife India's General Topography and Wildlife Population Languages Religion Government Structure Economic System Major Economic Activities Imports Legal Justice System Rights and Liberties
France: Belarus :
-KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, - No
Starbucks, and Subway. establishments
-Made French fashion laid-back.
-Hip-Hop and Pop music
Television and movies South Africa:
- KFC and
Saudi Arabia: McDonalds.
-Television and movies -Television
-Burger King, McDonalds - Fashion

India: Jamaica:
-KFC, McDonalds, and Pizza -Music
-Movies and Television -Cuisine Current Issues

India: Saudi Arabia: France:
Sex Violence Women's Rights Troops in combat
Air Pollution Women in Government Unemployment

South Africa: Belarus: Jamaica:
Corruption Unemployment Education
Discrimination Death rates Unemployment 20th Century Historical Events

Saudi Arabia: Jamaica:
-Vast oil Deposits -Depression
-Reduced Oil Shipments -Independence
-In 1991 Saudi Arabia and other -Immigration
nations defeated Iraq Belarus:
France: -Independence
-World War I -World War II
-Between the Wars South Africa:
-World War II -Independence
India: -Aparthide
-Economy Leisure Activities Sports and Recreation Customs, Holidays,Traditions Literacy and Education Common Interesting Foods and Dishes Saudi Arabia-
South Africa-
India- Socialism and mixed Capitalism Socialism Socialism Capitalist and mixed Socialism Capitalist and mixed Socialism Capitalist Saudi Arabia-
South Africa-
India- Saudi Arabia-
South Africa-
India- Saudi Arabia-
South Africa-
India- Major Economic Activities Exports Saudi Arabia-
South Africa-
France- machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals fuel , chemicals , metal products oil, natural gas, and lumber industrial suppliers, fuel, machinery fuel , electronics, pharmaceuticals machinery, gems, fertilizers and chemicals Oil, petroleum refining, plastics Tourism, machinery, fashion metallurgical, mechanical industry, chemical processing rum, sugar, tobacco products chemicals, automotive, agroprocessing processing telecommunication, textiles, food Based on Sharia or Islamic Law English common Law system English common Law system Judiciary branch of parliament Borrowed from French Constitution Roman Dutch Law No women's rights, murder gays, big gun control Freedom of speech, Freedom of Religion, similar to USA, gun control Gun control, gay marriage, no abortions Restrictive gun control, Freedom of Speech-Conscience, gay marriage freedom of religion, gun control,similar to U.K. Gay marriage Illegal, small women rights, extreme gun control Saudi Arabia- France- Belarus- Jamaica- South Africa- India- music, dancing, adventure sports wildlife, camping, camel rides golfing, climbing mountains, exploring caves horse-riding, parachuting, skiing, biking, hiking, animal watching golfing, fishing, beach walking, surfing, scuba diving Saudi Arabia- France- Belarus- Jamaica- South Africa- India- soccer, water sports, cricket soccer, basketball, wrestling soccer, hockey, tennis soccer, golf, cricket soccer, wrestling, boxing soccer, cricket, wrestling Thank You Saudi Arabia France Belarus Jamaica South Africa India Saudi Arabia- France- Belarus- Jamaica- South Africa- India- literacy rate% male-90.4%
female-81.3% male-99%
female-99% male-98.8%
female-98.5% male-84.1%
female-91.6% male-87%
female-85.7% male-85.14%
female-76.46% random facts Men and women attend different schools Approximately 20% of schools in France are private schools National day, Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr Christmas, Labor Day, All Saints Day Independence Day, Victory Day, Constitution Day New Years Day, Ash Wednesday, Labour Day Freedom Day, Human Rights Day, National Women's Day Holi, Independence Day, Dussehra and Durga Puja Saudi Arabia (Kabsa) Belarus (Draniki) France (Raclette) Jamaica (Jerk Chicken) South Africa (Biltong) India (Biryani) Dialect Patois (pronounced 'pat-wa'), which is a mix of
traditional English, African, French and Spanish terms French(39%), Basque(60%), Catalan(1%) English, Afrikaans, Ndebele Russian(55.6%), Belarusian(31.7%),English(12.7%) Indo-Aryan languages(74%), Dravidian languages(26%) Jamaica- France- South Africa- Belarus- India- Jamaica- Prime Minister: Hon. Orette Bruce Golding France- President: Francis Hollande, Deputy President: Jean-Marc Ayrault, Prime Minister: Jean-Marc Ayrault South Africa- President: Jacob Zuma, Vice President: Kgalema Motlanthe Belarus- President: Alexander Lukashenko, Vice President: Alexander Medved, Secretary: George Katulin India- President: Pranab Muherjee, Vice President: Hamid Ansari, Prime Minister: Manmohan Singh Saudi Arabia- Arabic(60%), English(30%), Turkish (10%) Saudi Arabia- Monarch: King Abdullah 4,442 Square Miles
Rugged Mountain Ranges
Surrounded by the Caribbean
Valleys, Plains, and Waterfalls
Constant temperature all year Birds Butterflies
Jamaican Iguana
Sea Turtles 80,200 Square Miles
Generally flat
3,000 streams and 4,000 lakes
Continental Climate Elk
Wild Boar
Beavers 212,935 Square Miles
Mostly ringed with Mountains and Hills
Half of the country is surrounded by water
Mild Climate Red deer
Wild Boar 471,008 Square Miles
high plateaus and coastal lowlands
Mostly very hot summers with little
rain during the winters Lions
Cheetahs 864,900 Square Miles
Basically all deserts with no bodies of water
High temp. during the day with
sharp drop at night Fennec Fox
Sand Cat 1,269,210 Square Miles
Mostly made up up of Mountains,
hillsides, and deserts
Mild Climate in the Winter and very hot
during the summer Indian Peacock
Indian Rhino
White Bengal
Tiger France: World War II
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