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Esteban Aliverti

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Drools_Rules_Meta_Model

Drools Rules Meta-Model Agenda Key Concepts
-Model Restriction
-Rule Authoring Simplification
-Working Set Definition
-Fact Constraints
-Field Constraints
-Constraint Validations

Key Concepts Developed in a separate drools module: drools-factConstraint.
Allows us to define model's sub domains.
Lets us define Restrictions on Fact Types and their fields.
Makes use of drools-verifier for rules validation. Working Set definition Coherent subset of model's Fact Types
Reduce the complexity of rules authoring providing a set of related Fact Types.
Allow the definition of constraints on Fact Fields.
Rules can be validated using the defined constraints.
Different Working Sets could be created inside a package. Working Set definition Working Set creation:
-Defined inside a Package
-Include a subset of package's model Fact Constraints A Fact Type may be present in multiple Working Sets allowing flexibility.
Only those Fact Types selected during Working Set definition may be used during Rule authoring.
Guided Editor will limit the Pattern insertions possibilities. Field Constraints Different types of constraints can be defined for Fact Types' fields.
The Field Constraints are defined inside the scope of a Working Set.
Helpful during rule authoring.
Guided Editor will validate them and will display errors or warnings accordingly.
Field Constraints Field Constraint Definition:
-Defined inside a working set
-Basic Constraints implementations provided Constraint Validations Fact Type Constraints Validation:
-Guided Editor only allows the addition of
Patterns defined in active Working Sets. Constraint Validations Fact Type Constraints Validation:
-Patterns using not allowed Fact Types
are marked as read only. Constraint Validations Field Constraints Validation:
-Integrated with drools-verifier
-Basic Constraints implementation provided
-Two validation times:
*Real-time Constraint Validations On-Demand Validation
-Fired from Guided Editor
using "Verify" button.
-Creates a report showing
warnings and errors Constraint Validations Real-Time Validation
-Fired automatically from Guided Editor
-Errors and Warnings are shown in every
failing line of the rule Planned Features Working Sets:
-Move working set configuration to users profiles.
-Make working set definition more user friendly
Field Constraints:
-Pluggable system for custom constraints
-Implement more constraints
Data Sources:
-Implement Data Sources for fields
-Create a pluggable sytsem for custom data sources
Constraints Validation:
-Improve online validation
-Improve validation report Questions?
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