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Water Soldier

Science Project

Karnvir Gill

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Water Soldier

By: Karnvir Gill WATER SOLDIER What was the original habitat of the organism? How effective have the attempts to control the organism been? The original habitat of Water Soldier was the Native to central Europe and northwest Asia. What is the new habitat of the organism? The new habitat of Water Soldier is near the Hamlet of Trent River, Ontario. The first Water Soldier was spotted in 2008 in fall. What effects (positive and/or negative) has the organism on its new environment? The water soldier has a negative effect to plants, animals and people buy cutting them with their sharp spines and they crowd other water plant species. The positive effect is that the plant has been used to treat bruised kidneys. Interesting Facts: -Each plant has a white rosette (flower), each rosette has three petals.

-Water soldier looks very similar to Aloe Vera Plant, that's why its nickname is Aloe.

-Looks similar to the top of a pineapple.

- Water Soldier sink to the bottom of the pond where they are protected from the ice in the winter and when the water warms in the spring they re-surface and begins to grow again. There are three organization involved: The Ontario Federation, the Ministry of Natural Resources, and parks Canada. They used herbicide to control water soldiers and they have been able to removed them. It got introduced to its new environment by people buying and using it as a decorative plant in water gardens. How did the organism get introduced into its new environment? THANKS FOR LISTENING TO MY PRESENTATION!!! (Clap your hands now)
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